6 Fatal Mistakes Used by Technology Users

6 Fatal Mistakes Used by Technology Users

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Technology is made to facilitate the life of its users. So no wonder if the more advanced technology, the easier way of human life. Like now, everything is getting easier.

But as technology progresses, more and more challenges will be faced by humans. Not only the tendency to become addicted to technology, but also still the pattern of thinking the use of old technology that led to misuse of technology.

Error in Using Technology

It seems so trivial that you think of it as something that is commonly done and harmless. Though mah the following things are wrong, so it can harm you.

1. Pressing the Close Button in the Elevator

Elevator or better known as the elevator is very easy for us. Imagine how much time and energy is wasted if you have to climb down stairs from 19th to 1st floor. Fortunately there is an elevator that will take us vertically to the destination floor quickly.

But did you know, apparently the lid on the elevator does not work? The function of the lid on the elevator has been removed since 1990 with the aim that the elevator is open longer, so people with physical disabilities have more time to enter the elevator. So do not expect the elevator will close faster when pressing the close button.

2. Origin Connect to WiFi Without Password in Public Places

The free one is good, including free WiFi. But do not be looking for free WiFi, you just connect to WiFi unlocked password in a public place. Danger!

Why? Because you never know who WiFi belongs to. What if it is WiFi coming from a particular router that has been inserted script to steal data in the form of your account username and password?

3. Origin of Plug Charger in Public PlacesAs well as connecting to WiFi in public places, the origin of the charger plug in public places is also prone to data theft of photos or video by hackers. Especially if the tenyata where plug it directly to the USB port without adapters.

4. Turn on AC at Lowest Temperature

Because of the heat, certainly many of you who set the air conditioner at the lowest temperature with maximum fan speed. By adjusting the air conditioner at the lowest temperature, ie 16C, you expect the room to cool.

Though this is very futile, will instead make the AC quickly damaged and electric bills swell. And again the temperature of the air conditioner is still influenced by the ambient temperature.

5. Often Pressing F5 to Refresh Computer

You must already know that the F5 key on the computer keyboard serves to perform Refresh. But do you know, when too often pressed F5, what happens just even increase your computer workload? Do not believe? Read deh Impact articles If Often Pressing the F5 Button.

6. Opening Mobile Applications While Staying In Front of PC

Deh, you must often open Facebook applications on smartphones even though it is opening up on PC, right? This is not a very important thing to do. In addition to wasting time, the effectiveness of your work will be reduced because certainly when opening the smartphone will check other applications. So when in front of PC, you should access all mobile apps directly from PC.

Hayo admit, where ya often do? Certainly

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