6 Forest Monsters in Mobile Legends are Appropriate For Hero

6 Forest Monsters in Mobile Legends are Appropriate For Hero

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Mobile Legends players are familiar with the presence of Forest Monsters (Jungle Monster) at certain points in the battle arena.

There are 6 types of forest monsters in Mobile Legends that will make the game more challenging. Starting from Normal Monsters, Spinner Monsters, Reaper Monsters, Crab Monsters, Turtle Monsters to Lord Monster.

These monsters will not attack and will only do the movement and resistance if the hero strikes first. This is why the presence of forest monsters is often ignored as players focus more on attacking enemy heroes.

In fact, killing forest monsters can provide a very significant effect and benefits for the hero who managed to kill him, loh!

Each forest monster will have different effects. Want to know anything? Check out the following reviews.

6 Types of Forest monsters Very Useful in Mobile Legends

1. Normal Monster

Normal monsters are a name for ordinary little monsters that are not too difficult to kill. If successful kill these monsters then players will get EXP and Gold to add battle points. Normal monsters usually appear 30 seconds after the battle begins.

2. Spinner Monster

Spinner Monster has a greater benefit than Normal Monster. Instead of simply adding EXP and Gold additions, Spinner Monster will provide a cooldown cooldown buffer of 20% and which cost 50%. This is useful to help hero restore skills that have been used more quickly.

3. Reaper MonsterReaper Monster can be found easily at various points in the battle arena. If you successfully kill this one forest monsters, players will get additional EXP and Gold and buff that will increase Physical and Magic demage by 10%. Players can use the buff they get to attack the opposing team and provide meaningful resistance.

4. Crab Monster

Crab Monster has great benefits for the player who managed to kill him. In addition to getting EXP and Gold, players will also get extra energy or HP where regen is very useful to help the defense.

5. Turtle Monster

Killing Turtle Monster is quite difficult, not as easy as killing four types of forest monsters before. If successfully conquered, players not only get additional EXP and Gold, but also additional damage that can be shared with a teammate. Killing Turtle is hard to do alone, but it's pretty easy if one team works together to kill it.

6. Lord Monster

The last and the strongest, Lord Monster. this one forest monster is the seizure of both teams. Killing him was much more difficult than killing Tutle. Therefore, teamwork is needed here. If successful kill lord, big profits will be obtained by the team.

Instead of just getting EXP and Gold for all the members, the team that killed Lord will also get help from the forest monsters to destroy the opposing team.

The Lord will be in front and lead the team towards the enemy's defense. He will also help fight the attacking enemies while the heroes can take cover behind him. With the help of Lord, the victory will be easier to obtain.

The final word

Well, that's 6 forest monsters in Mobile Legends that are very useful in battle. If you usually always ignore these monsters, then from now on try to kill them all and earn profits that will further strengthen your hero.Download Mobile Legends Latest here: Mobile Legends: Bang bang

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