6 Former CSWs in Jambi Wedah Bulk Post-Closure 2 Localization

6 Former CSWs

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Liputan6.com, Jambi – At least 6 former commercial sex workers (PSKs) in Jambi married in a mass marriage procession, in KUA Kotabaru, Jambi City. This mass marriage was held following the Jambi City Government closed 2 lokalisasi in Jambi City on October 13, 2014 ago, namely Buds and Sky Blue. Pucuk is the largest localization in Jambi Province and has existed since tens of years ago.

In the procession of mass marriage is directly witnessed Mayor Jambi Sy Fasha. In addition to the mayor, deputy mayor and some officials Jambi City Government seems to turn into a witness of this mass marriage.

According to Fasha, Jambi city government is proud of the steps taken by former prostitutes who want to marry officially. By being legally and legally married, it is hoped that the former woman tonight can return to normal life.

"We congratulate and pray that this marriage will work smoothly and we are very proud of the goodwill of all mothers to get married," Fasha said.

Fasha hopes this marriage is done with the intention of fostering the household, not for something. "In accordance with the promise of the Jambi City Government, after the localization is closed, there will be assistance from the government, will be given after marriage," he explained.

Assistance provided such as sewing training as well as sewing equipment. In addition, there are also training on makeup, cooking, and making cakes and other equipment.

"Business capital assistance is Rp 3 million, and living aid is Rp 1.8 million," said Fasha.

Mayor of Jambi admitted, 6 married couples had previously been there who married in series and some are dating. "They want to really run the Sunnah messenger and really repent," Fasha concluded.

Mayor of Jambi together with his staff held a declaration of closing 2 localization in Jambi City. The shoot as the largest and longest standing localization was inhabited by no less than 500 PSK and pimps. Most of the women in this lokalisasi come from Java Island and have been repatriated to their respective areas.

Paraded Odong-Odong

Like the newlyweds, before the marriage was officially signed, 6 former CSWs in Jambi City had been paraded using odong-odong from Jambi Mayor's Office to KUA Kotabaru Jambi Office.Monitoring Liputan6.com, 2 odong-odong walk in front of the car Mayor of Jambi and officials Jambi City Government, travel 1 Km. But just arrived at the gate of the Mayor's Office of Jambi, one of the couples who were assigned odong-odong rowing can not afford.

"I can not row odong-odong who climbed 4 people," said one of the panting-looking couple.

Finally, these 6 couples were transported using the Jambi City Government vehicle to KUA Kotabaru. Furthermore, the wedding was held, which was directly witnessed the Mayor of Jambi Sy Fasha.

Besides paraded using odong-odong, 6 couples of this bride also first to planting trees in the yard of the Office of the Mayor of Jambi. The purpose of planting this tree according to the instructions of the Mayor of Jambi, so that all couples who will marry to plant trees in the city of Jambi.

According to Fasha, tree planting becomes one of the requirements of marriage in Jambi City. Currently, couples who are getting married plant trees around their respective homes. Where each planted tree will be recorded the name and date of tree planting.

"Not mandatory, but instructed to plant trees, everything is prepared, the couple stay," said Fasha.

According to Fasha, the purpose of married couples to plant this tree, for reforestation and raises awareness of planting trees. Trees planted like trembesi trees, kulim and bulian.

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