6 Funny and Light Game This Guaranteed Can Eliminate Stress

6 Funny and Light Game This Guaranteed Can Eliminate Stress

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Game play activities are fun and can be done by anyone. Not only as a hobby, playing games are also often done people to entertain themselves and fill the spare time. Not a few people who play games to drive fatigue and relieve stress.

There are so many gaming options in this world. You are free to choose whatever game you want to play. However, if you want a funny, lightweight and stress-free game, then Jaka will recommend the following 6 games for you. Check it out, yuk!

6 Funny and Lightweight Games It's Guaranteed To Eliminate Stress

1. Electric Pylons

You must know dong that the electric pole later became viral and often made meme thanks to a car accident case that happened to Papa Setnov. Well, inspired by the viral of the electric pole, a local developer Noobzilla tried to present it in a game. In an instant, this game immediately steal the show. Over a hundred thousand people have played this 2.8 MB game.

Gameplay is very simple, just crash the car into a power pole. However, it is not as easy as it sounds because the electric pole will shy away with agility. Well, here you will be tested, how agile you can crash the car into the utility pole? Although following the trend in social media, in fact this game recognized the player is very exciting and not boring to get a good rating on the Playstore.

2. Kids Now

Still a matter of viral, you are certainly also familiar with the term kids now. Yes, this is a name for today's kids who love to do weird things and become viral in social media. Utilizing the virtue of this term, GINVO Studio created a game titled Kids Jaman Now measuring 8.4 MB which has now been downloaded more than a hundred thousand times on the PlayStore.

In this game, players will be assigned to help the main character of Kak Seta to save the next generation of the nation. Players will be confronted with various cases of inappropriate behavior of Indonesian children and adolescents. There will be mini games that can be played in every case, so it's guaranteed to get rid of stress!

3. Magic Shells

Love watching the Spongebob cartoon series? If so, you must know about the magic shells that Spongebob used when lost with Squidward in the woods. SweetDreams launches this game to make people feel what it's like to be Spongebob or Squidward who asks the magic shell.You can ask anything and then pull and release the existing lever on the magic shell and he will answer your question. If you're upset and need a friend to talk, maybe this magic shell that only 14MB size can be an alternative to entertain yourself.

4. The Evolution of Local Ghosts of Indonesia

Anyone think this is a horror game? Not entirely wrong because the game from Keong Games size of 9.2 MB is indeed present the ghosts from all over Indonesia. Starting from tuyul, kuntilanak, sister ngesot, jailangkung, grandfather hoe, buto ijo until the sweet bridge ancol.

But, the ghosts here are not as scary as the original because it is presented with a funny and cute cartoon picture. You can collect all the ghosts in one room and play the exciting games on offer.

5. Tercyduk: Now

Not much different from the game Kids Age Now, Tercyduk: Jaman Now also makes a viral term in social media as inspiration. Here you can scoop up the generation of kids who nowadays strange behavior, as well as the netizens who like to comment and post something that is not good. In fact, you can also pick up the rat ties. Fun and exciting. The file size is only 24 MB so you can play it smoothly and safely.

6. Om Toilet Om

Funny and lightweight, Om Toilet Om is also inspired from viral events in social media is invites players to guide the bus driver to reach the toilet telolet. Gameplay is quite simple, but must be very careful.

You have to control one character and touch the right and left sides of the screen to move the driver's feet on the way up the stairs to the toilet. Do not let your missteps or excess steps to miss the toilet at the end of the stairs or end up falling down.

That's 6 funny and lightweight games that are guaranteed to relieve stress. For those of you who are bored with heavy games and want to relieve stress by playing games, then the six games can be a very appropriate choice.

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