6 Girls It’s Beautiful Nurun Banget from the Mother. Proof That Fruit Fallen Not Far from the Tree

6 Girls It's

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When you feel your character and your behavior are similar to your mom-dad, you will surely believe you are their real child. Sometimes, when you see that your friends are minus, you must be thinking, What was her father like this time?

Yes, that's the way it is, until you finally believe the maxim, the fruit falls not far from the tree. Because it seems this proverb has a point. What is in the child, will not be much different from his parents. Like some of these girls, they're like duplicates from her mother. Genetic really beautiful!

Obviously, the name Shaloom will always remind us of the figure of young Wulan Guritno. Agreed, right, equally beautiful?

Dara's full name Shaloom Razade Syach is indeed the son of Wulan Guritno with Attila Syach. The acting skill that came down from her mother could be seen in her first film, Love Forever, when Shaloom collided acting with Atiqah Hasiholan and Rio Dewanto. Unfortunately, this girl born June 24, 1998 is more interested in playing behind the scenes like her stepfather, Adilla Dimitri.

Valerie Thomas, the fruit of love from Jeremy Thomas and Ina Indayanti. Duplicate really!

Full name Valerie Theresa Thomas, Jeremy Thomas's second child is now growing into a beautiful teenager who is not less than his wife, Ina Indayanti. Although not often appear on the screen like his parents, but the beautiful charm of virgin birth 2 April 1999 is still invite click ama the boys. Very beautiful!

Better known as animator, Ikaw Fawzi's sons, Marsha Chikita Fawzi also has a beautiful face like her mother

Obviously everyone is more familiar with Ikang Fawzi than Marsha Chikita Fawzi. But please note, Ikang Fawzi's second child turned out to also have a beautiful face like his wife loh, Marissa Haque. Not to mention, Chiki Fawzi now also began to pursue the world of drag like his father, although previously he was known as an animator from Indonesia. Cool, right?

Her beautiful Mezzaluna inherits her mother Reny Setiawai aka Bimbim Slank's wife. Agreed dong, huh?

Maybe the boys know Bimbim better than his wife Reny Setiawati. Yes, although not from the artist, but apparently Bimbim has a very good taste. As a result, the beauty of Bimbim's wife is inherited to her daughter, Mezzaluna Dazzuri.

Rarely exposed, it turns out the twin daughters of Titi DJ, Salmaa and Salwaa pretty 11-12 same mother!Anyone know Salmaa and Salwaa Chetizsa Muchtar not? Diva Indonesia's first twin, Titi DJ with Bucek Depp in 1995. Happy, yes, have a mother-in-law, in-law, and wife as beautiful as this?

Another daughter of the 3 Diva personnel who has a beautiful daughter, Ruth Sahanaya. Beautiful Nadine did not lose her mother!

Just like the other 3 Diva members, Titi DJ, Ruth Sahanaya also has a princess who is not less beautiful with her. Is Nadine Emanuella Waworuntu, the first baby Ruth Sahanaya with Jeffry Waworuntu who was born in 1995. When viewed from the age, it's really nice wife, Boys?

It was true that the proverb was falling far from the tree. Same with these pretty girls, huh? So, what do you really think looks like with her mother? Write in the comment field, yes!

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