6 Good Habits That Turn Bad For Your Life

6 Good Habits That Turn Bad For Your Life

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Each person has a habit that can be trusted to make the mood better, or make the day so fun. Some of you might call it a good habit.

But, sure not if the habit is good and really can make you feel better? Or is it just the opposite of the habit that you have been believing to be good enough to make things worse? Here are 6 habits that you may feel good, but the reality is just the opposite!

1. Thinking Bad Things That Happen In Your Life

When a job interview for example, you feel not maximized, you are wrong to talk to the prospective boss. Then, you keep telling it to your girlfriend and friends. By telling stories, you feel better? Very wrong. The story of your own failure will be much worse.

According to Julie Cohen, a leadership career coach from Philadelphia and author of Your Work Your LifeYour Way: 7 Keys to Work-Life Balance, reflection and self-assessment are essential for self-development and professionalism. But if done excessively, it will not change your behavior at all.

Dr. Stephanie Levey, a New York psychologist and member of the Womens Mental Health Consortium, believes that we only need to recognize, acknowledge and let go. Think that a job interview is not the most important thing in your life.

Do not dwell on your mistakes, but focus on strategies to correct them. You have a goal to do a better job interview next time.

2. Speaking Not Straightforward

Explaining something with complicated and convoluted is often experienced by many people. The possibility of wanting to be heard or trying to defend an opinion.

Unfortunately, this only describes if you are anxious or unsure. That restlessness may mean that you do not really know what you're talking about, or you're confused about how to deliver what you want to say.

Breathe deeply before trying to explain what you really want to explain. Request input from others. Explain again if the person emang less understood. Think about how you communicate how to get people to understand in the shortest possible way. Master the material so you can be confident and feel the chance to talk once is enough.3. Too Mild To Apologize

Apologizing is important when you make mistakes. But recent research by Karina Schumann and Michael Ross in the journal Psychological Science found that women apologize more than men in their daily lives.

The reason? Women feel sorry for a duty, a habit, as well as social pressure that girls should be polite. In fact, too many apologies means to dwarf ourselves. Come late apologize, apologize wrong, little apologize. Yes elah!

Apologize if you make wrong, not to please others or make yourself comfortable.

4. Enjoying Yourself With Shopping

There are still many who believe that shopping can make happy, you know. Are you one of them? In fact, satisfaction or happiness after shopping is illusory and temporary. After that, you'll just be sorry and feel guilty.

Shopping emang emang not a bad thing, but distinguish between planned and planned shopping with the needs of shopping only perfunctory. If at random, it can make you more depressed and finally feel lonely.

5. Telling Your Problems To Others

When someone does something wrong with you, you feel the need to tell others. When you are saddened by grief, you are immediately looking for someone else to share your feelings. You feel that by doing this your problem becomes lighter, your chest feels more spacious.

In fact, nobody really cares about your problem. Other people can even assume you are easy to complain and can not solve problems themselves. Well, from now on every sense want to tell the problem to others appear please, sort out the problem first and choose the right people to share ya!

6. Feeling able to own, reluctant to burden othersSome people think that the cruel world is better faced by itself. The reason, do not want to burden or bother others.

In fact, it actually makes you a closed person, loner, and you can not express what you feel. You focus on your own thoughts, but you are easily desperate, and easy to bad mood.

Emang important to have time to think and reflect, especially when you feel disappointed with yourself. But, when you feel ready, try sharing the same people closest to you. Social relationships can make your life better and easier. You need to balance everything.

Well, for those who have the habit as above, stop doing your habits that yes, because the fact is your habit is not good, you know. Try to gradually change it to make your life better later on.

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