6 How to make gardening hobby not drain the bag

6 How to make gardening hobby not drain the bag

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Everyone would be willing to spend a lot of money for their hobby. Even a simple gardening hobby can also drain money if too obeyed.

Here are some ways you can do to keep your hobby gardening thrifty and not drain the bag, as reported by All Women Stalk (07/08).

1. Without grass
To save money, do not plant grass in your garden. Not having grass means you do not have to mow the lawn every week or month, or spend a lot of time grabbing the grass. You can use other materials for garden surfaces such as pebbles, stones, and more.

2. Avoid plants that need lots of water
Some people like to linger watering their plants. but to keep you frugal in gardening, you should choose plants that do not spend a lot of water. Easy plants 'thirsty' will make you spend more water (including the cost for water) when the weather is hot and dry.

3. Plant in pots
Planting in limited space such as in pots or containers can also save you money. The small space makes it harder to tidy up the growing wild plants and it will be easier to water. You can not only plant flowers, but also vegetables that can be utilized. In addition to saving on maintenance costs, you also benefit.

4. Plants that grow slowly
For the long term, you can save energy and more money if you choose a slow growing plant. Plants that slowly grow will not make There are often cut or arrange. Try some flowers like peony, camelia, and rhododendrons.

5. Planting tubers
Planting bulbs is the most cost-effective and profitable way for your gardening hobby. Once planted, tuber plants will continue to grow in the same place. The results can be harvested. If you do not like bulbs and prefer flowers, you can try daffodils or tulips.

6. Avoid seasonal crops
If you want to skimp for hobby gardening, avoid plants that only survive in one season, for example dry season or rainy season only. This will make you spend money on new crops every season. Better, choose a strong plant and can survive in all seasons. At least, not needing too much care when the weather turns bad.

Hobby gardening can be a good asset and even profitable. besides, hobby gardening is also known to have a good psychological effect on a person. If you want to do a hobby of gardening without spending a lot of money, try the ways above. [kun]

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