6 Inspirations for Choosing the Right Wedding Rings According To His Personality!

6 Inspirations for Choosing the Right Wedding Rings According To His Personality!

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Every woman in this world would want to get married by wearing a charming wedding ring on her little finger. Unfortunately, choosing a wedding ring or wedding ring is not easy, especially for the guy who mungking not know what about the ring. Actually choosing the wedding ring is not difficult very hard, you simply adjust the ring with the personal style and personality of the girl. This is alloy how do you choose the right wedding ring let your girl do not reject your proposal just because of your ugly ring!

1. Pink ring of pink or rose pink with diamond eyes for the beautiful traditional and feminine spirits.

Those girls who are feminine but have a traditional soul usually prefer the ring-ring is simple but has a beauty element. This one kind of ring is the right choice for the simple and feminine. The ring is a pink gold has its own beauty compared to ordinary gold. The diamonds are not too big or small, just moderate.

2. Diamond-shaped diamond ring for those who are romantic and girly!

This one ring really fits for girls who are girly and romantic. The shape of a diamond carved into a rose fascinates the feminine nature but also the romance of your love. Coupled with grains of diamond grains on the edge of the ring, this ring is more magnificent to see.

3. For the nerds who like to read Sci-fi, Star Wars and Indiana Jones themed ring is really fitting for him.

This one ring really fits you couple who like watching movies like Star Wars or Indiana Jones. As a nerd, you will be attracted to the same ring that is designed based on both films! One ring for the guy is designed Star Wars accent, while for the design girl in the inspiration by the whip of the Indiana Jones. Both rings are made of durable and strong gold platinum, while yellow diamonds are used to replace ordinary diamonds.

4. Ring with bezel or diamond shield for their active and sporty girl.

No matter how much you buy a wedding ring, in the end the ring can be affected by your daily activities. If you are not careful, sometimes the diamonds can be dislodged and fall off the ring. This usually happens when the girl often performs activities that use her hands like those who like to exercise or even those who often bang their rings to objects around them.

For that, you are choosing a ring with maximum protection on the diamond. A ring that has a bezel or a diamond shield will usually last longer in keeping its diamonds from impact. Bezel itself is a part that is on the edge of the diamond, which serves to protect the diamond.

5. The diamond should not always be transparent white, black diamond cobain for you who antimainstream.Some girls may not be too fond of too-wacky rings. Diamonds with white, pink, or yellow will probably be something he hates. Naturally aja hell, because there are also girls who are more appreciative of different forms of beauty and perhaps a little strange from her wedding ring. If your girl is one of them, try a simple ring with this one black diamond. Not just unique, this one ring would also be more prominent than any other ring.

6. Rings that resemble a tree trunk with a blue topaz stone that resembles water for him the nature lover.

Maybe your girl is a girl who loves nature loves the same flora and fauna in this world. Well then, this one ring would be really fitting for her. This ring is made to resemble the shape of a tree trunk with a material or gold material. While the stone itself is a blue topaz stone that symbolizes water or sky. This stone ring will be much more interesting than a common diamond stone.

Choosing a wedding ring is not going to be difficult as long as you know how the girl's personality. Is she a romantic girl? maybe she's a feminine girl? Or is he different from girls in general? By matching the ring to their personality, you will also find the ring that he wants easily!

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