6 Inspiring Decorative Boarding With Plants, Which Makes Your Room Look Comfortable

6 Inspiring Decorative Boarding With Plants, Which Makes Your Room Look Comfortable

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Even though it looks simple, plants like ferns, cactus, and moss can make your room look alive and more comfortable. Not just planted in the pot alone, you can also take inspiration with the plant decoration of the plant from the list below.

What the hell can you do to make your boarding more comfortable with plants? Check it out okay!

1. Not just planted in pots only, fern leaves and succulent plants can also grow in the frame

Fern on pot is common. But if it grows in the frame, how many boarders do you have? Well, this beautiful frame from this fern can make your room instantly unique.

Make a wooden box size 20 x 27 cm with a depth of at least 7 cm. Once finished, fill 2/3 boxes with the ground. Then put chicken wire in the box so the fern plant can grow comfortably. In the center of the wooden box, attach a photo frame with glue or epoxy paint. Finally, move your crops carefully from the pot to the wooden box. Use chopsticks or pencil to make sure the fern roots get into the ground.

Done! Now this unique frame you can hang on to decorate your room

From Rue Magazine.

2. The simpler option is to display the plant stalk inside the transparent frame


3. Any plant can be beautiful if it grows in a cute pot like this

Another idea you can try is to buy geometry pots to keep the plants. If you're not at a store near your house, you can buy them online. Put a unique pot like this on the table can make your boarding room so interesting instantly.4. You can also design a special table with plant life in the middle

Bored with tables that look like that? Well, this green table is not an ordinary table. Tables that are split in half to place plants and flowers this could be inspiration decorating your boarding house. At the bottom of the table, there is a glass box with soil for where your plants grow.

5. Placing two simple pots in the window is enough to make your room more cheerful

No need to fancy-luxurious, two potted plants simple by the side of the window alone is enough to make your room more cheerful and lifeless kok. Like in this photo, for example

6. Your bathroom can be more lively with a living mat of this moss

Moss bath mat or moss mat moss like this will make your bathroom that was just normal so it looks more unique. The concept is simple: by using plastazote foam and moss planted on it, this natural mat can be created. Do not forget to choose the type of moss that can live only from the humidity of the bathroom, yes.

Maintaining plants in the boarding house has many advantages. In addition to making the mood more calm and add oxygen in the room, plants in the room can make your kost look more attractive and comfortable. Good luck to inspire the decorations Hipwee has collected!

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