6 Reasons That Make You Proud To Be a Geography Education Student

6 Reasons That Make You Proud To Be a Geography Education Student

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Lectures have arrived! Hooray! That is the excitement illustrated to you-you who just entered the world of lectures. Kudu proud dong with the majors that you take. Be thankful that the law is obliged lho, guys, for you who have competed with thousands of participants in SNMPTN, SBMPTN or even independent selection.

Who is entering in the education department? Cung her hand! Moreover, who entered the department of Geography nih. Where's the sweet smile? Yes, this time there are some reasons ya kudu bin obligatory you read to feel more proud and sparkling sparks in the spirit of the chest, huehuehue.

For those of you who feel the wrong direction, let me read this article briefly aja. Who knows your hearts change from the first despair to be proud!

1. Indonesia needs you guys!

What is less than Indonesia? The island nation, yes. An agrarian country, yes. Wooden sticks become plants, moreover. In fact, to the extent that others say our country is a world paradise. Wow! But unfortunately, if the utopia ends up unhappy. In your hands, guys, education and the introduction of a sense of love to this nation continued.

Make no mistake lho, without your nation's next generation may not know again the potential, success and natural wealth in Indonesia. Moreover, you become a teacher of Indonesian geography, a landscape rich in natural resources and diverse cultures. So worth dong if you guys this is the next avatar.

2. The eagle's eye

I'm a map, I'm a map! My eyes are as wide as a hawk, my right hand carries a compass, my left hand brings a drone.

You must be sure and conscious, that now the digital era will be spatial or spatial. Open a little map, ask a little map. Want to eat in a nice place but dont know the place, open the map. Want to go to college or work but afraid of traffic jams, open clock traffic in map application. Want to order food or drinks that are ready to anther and cheap ongkirnya, see map-based applications. In fact, want to know the location of the doi too, see map. Not imagine right, without our map like what?

Means not wrong dong we learn in the course bench must always be associated with maps or spatial data. Toys are not half-hearted lho, air or satellite imagery, drones, even theodolite. Therefore, do not be angry if it is often considered a walking map.

3. Learning is not only sensitive to the same nature, but also the same sensitive social lifeLearning in geography education is not only about education and nature but also social life. Here we learn to be sensitive to political, economic, cultural, developmental, transport, rural and urban life, even the most important being maritime as well as agriculture. Complete, is not it? So, when the apprenticeship becomes a teacher or has become a teacher not just the science of geography is taught, but the character of pride, the pride of the nation itself.

4. If you have a spouse of geography, he will play

The main child of geography is very useful. Moreover, who invited his partner from majoring in geography education. Not just invited a walk on the beach or see the places exciting but will be told about history, because muasababnya, even to be associated with global warming. Do not stop from it aja, guys, even not infrequently invited the clean up the river together until up the mountain for reforestation and clean up the garbage also you know. Less what to try?

5. Role model in protecting the environment

For the children of geography, certainly understand very well about maintaining the environment. Not just a greeting, but the behavior and deeds become examples for others in protecting the environment. Moreover, you become a candidate educator who does not play games, teach about love of the nation, nature and society of Indonesia to the next generation of the nation.

6. Warehouse mainstay people

Do not think lectures in geography education are just practicum, ngerjain task, home, college, so-so during college. You can also achieve in many ways, can be in the world of organization, research, sports, art, or in the world of entrepreneurship. Bekalnya already obtained while on the bench lectures, taught love the environment, natural wealth, and social interaction.

Well, the concrete proof is Janu Mohammed. A graduate of Geography Education from Yogyakarta State University who is now chairman of PPI MIB, UK. Performance issues need not be asked again such as LPDP 2015 scholarship awardee, Young Leaders for Indonesia 2015, Youth Adventure and Youth Leaders Forum 2014, Indonesia Global Mentorship Program 2015, and DIY Youth 2015 Youth.

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