6 Signs You Must Replace New Smartphones in the Year 2017

6 Signs You Must Replace New Smartphones in the Year 2017

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The year 2017 is in sight. Various technological trends that will become a trend in the next year have started to emerge. Starting from the best games to smartphones, the year 2017 will certainly be re-enlivened by many cool technologies.

Speaking of smartphones, sure there is no plan to buy a new smartphone in 2017? You must buy a new smartphone in 2017 if the old smartphone that is now used has started to show special symptoms like this.

Signs You Must Replace New Smartphone

Although not a necessity to replace the smartphone every new year, but you have to replace smartphones loh if it appears the following signs.

1. Smartphone Start Lemot

During the year 2016, began many smartphones equipped with 6 GB of RAM are popping up. Even a smartphone with 3 GB of RAM has become a common thing encountered. Well, in 2017 you should at least use a smartphone with at least 3 GB of RAM.

So, if the year 2017 you still use 1 GB of RAM, it must be really slow! Moreover, if used as the main smartphone for work, communication, and play games and social media.

2. Smartphone Battery Quick Out

When your smartphonemu battery starts to run out of control, it means you must replace a new smartphone. Kesel kan new kalo also dipake 3 hours after fully filled, uh suddenly already abis aja batteries !?

3. The Start Screen is Not Responsive

Currently Super Mario Run game has appeared on Google Play, so in the future the response of touch on smartphone is very important. Do not want to fail to continue playing Super Mario because the screen is not responsive? Hence, mending buy a new smartphone deh!Sure there's an article on how to restore touch screen sensitivity, but if it's tried and does not work? Yes means you have to buy a new smartphone.

4. Smartphone Not Support 4G

In the era of internet of things, super fast internet connection is an absolute necessity. So, if this time your smartphone is still not support 4G rather how so. Because 4G LTE promises faster internet speed and more stable than 3G networks. Convenient to play online games and stream YouTube or Netflix deh!

5. Can Not Update Latest OS

After being used for years, vendors finally decided to stop providing OS updates to your smartphone. Hurt, right? When that happens, do not have to install Cutom ROM maxim that even make your smartphone crash, mending new smartphone change deh.

Why is that? Because if the smartphone can not update the new OS, it could be a problem. In addition to vulnerable malware threats, application and game support is also so limited if still using the old OS.

6. Standard Camera

When youTuber young successful many emerging through the activity nge-vlog him, sure you are not jealous? You can try nge-vlog also the origin of a smartphone equipped with advanced cameras. Yet in Android many of the best free video editing apps.

But, if your smartphone camera is standard? Yes must really buy a new smartphone deh in 2017. Minimal smartphone you already support autofocus technology, LED flash, and OIS to produce cool photos and videos.

Check that your smartphone is experiencing the signs above? If there are 3 of 6 signs above, it helps you consider to replace a new smartphone. Yet now many cheap quality smartphones that you can make a choice really.

Welcome to the new year!

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