6 Solutions Reliably Create Fresh Air Home Without Pollution

6 Solutions Reliably Create Fresh Air Home Without Pollution

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Liputan6.com, Jakarta Pollution is not only happening outside the home, but also in the house. Have you ever felt home stuffy and stuffy? Maybe the air at home is less clean. Clean air in the house can make you more comfortable. Therefore, try to follow the tips to make the air at home more fresh the following:

1. Front Door House
Start a clean house from the front by installing the appropriate mat. Choose a mat that is not easy to fly the dirt again so that the foot becomes cleaner when entering the house. This simple thing can make a big difference.

2. Wall Paint
The smell on the wall paint can certainly interfere with breathing. If every day you breathe the smell of wall paint containing lead in the long term, can cause brain damage. Select also an anti-lead wall paint.

3. House cleaner
To produce clean air, avoid harmful chemicals. Use environmentally friendly chemicals.

4. Closed Window Meeting
Ventilation of windows is required for in and out of air. But limit when opening windows. Do not be too long, because it will reduce the humidity of the home air. Circulated to close the window if the environment in your home is filled with bad air like cigarette smoke and burning garbage.

5. Furniture from Plywood
If you have furniture made of plywood that generally uses urea-formaldehyde and adhesive, then you should avoid it. Because the content can damage the breathing and even cause allergies. Choose furniture made of iron or hardwood.

6. Air Conditioner (AC)
AC can be a place of development of germs, it is advisable to do the cleaning by replacing the water and filter.

If you are too busy to clean the house regularly, no need to worry, because now many reliable home or office cleaning services. Without the hassle again, you can have a clean house and fresh air.

The trick is easy, you can directly contact Clean Ally, Personal Professional Housekeeper. All parts of the house that are difficult to reach for cleaning can be handled by Clean Ally. Complete hygiene kits with professional staff can help you produce clean and fresh air every day.

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