6 Surprising things about lung cancer that must be known

6 Surprising things about lung cancer that must be known

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Along with the increasing number of smokers, the lung cancer disease is increasingly epidemic. Even today lung cancer becomes the second largest cancer.

In addition to smoking, exposure to motor vehicle fumes and air pollution can also contribute to the emergence of this horrible disease. Reporting from healthmeup.com, here are the facts about lung cancer are mandatory for you to know.

Smoking is a major factor in triggering lung cancer risk. Nearly 87% of lung cancer cases are associated with your smoking habit. This risk will also increase depending on the age of the smoker, how long they smoke, and how much tobacco is smoked per day.
Not only active smokers, passive smokers are also at greater risk for lung cancer. Even 10% -15% of lung cancers occur in passive smokers.
There are 2 types of lung cancer. The first type is a Non-Small Cell type that grows slowly and tends not to spread to other organs. The second type is the Small Cell Carcinoma that tends to grow faster and spread to other organs.
Symptoms of lung cancer can actually be detected early on such as frequent cough, shortness of breath, weight loss, or bloody bleeding.
Detecting lung cancer was once difficult to do. But now it can be done with CT Scan. Even these tests are recommended for those who have become active smokers since adolescence.
Because smoking is a major factor in lung cancer, it is never too late to quit smoking. By quitting smoking, it is not just your lung health that is awake, but also the health of your whole body.

Although lung cancer can be cured, but do not wait until you get the disease. You better prevent it than to treat it.


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