6 Technology in Movies That We Always Want To Have. When are these Things Not Just Fantasy

6 Technology in Movies That We Always Want To Have. When are these Things Not Just Fantasy

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Just imagine, a person who lived a hundred years ago would have thought that this age was full of miracles. Ah do not go all the way, just ask your grandparents, they would say that the world is now very much different from their time. The emergence of smartphones, the Internet, sophisticated advances in the field of transportation, even medical technology all make it easier for humans. We who live in the present day also begins wondering what progress we will face.

The world of audio visual imagination usually manifests through films. Where else are we going to pour out and share stories about the imagination if not through the movie. From these films sometimes we always fantasize about technological advances that would far more facilitate our lives today. Imagination also brings us to an expectation of technological advancement that we may have. What is the sophisticated, cool, legendary technology that exists in movies that we often wish to have? Let's see the following Hipwee description!

1. The door to anywhere in the Doraemon animation is the most legendary. Who also does not want to open the door straight up

If there really is a door everywhere, there must be no traffic jam. Just imagine the mobility of people already do not need to use the means of transportation, just open the door directly until. Perhaps business owners of public transport will go bankrupt, but the earth is free of fuel scarcity and air pollution is declining.

If the imagination continues, we will imagine the earth is cool again because of free global warming. The movie Doraemon does give us a great example of imagination yes guys. Although until now it is still quite impossible to be realized.

2. Remember fim Her made by Spike Jonze? Software technology that allows us not lonely bener-bener make drool the singles

In the movie Her there is a software that allows us to not be lonely and always have friends chat whenever we want. This software is equipped with AI technology (Artificial Intelligence) or artificial intelligence that allows him to grow. The result, chatting the same AI is like kayak really chat with real figures.

Of course, in addition to being a friend can also be used as a place to grieve and tell all things. While humans are now more individualist aja, this software will be useful really psychologically for those who are lonely. Even in the movie, finally the main character fell in love with the AI ??you know!

3. Sometimes fantasizing to help people with disabilities with technology in Robocop. People who lose their hands and feet can be cool

Robocop tells of a policeman who became a victim of an explosion and lost almost all of his limbs. All that remained was brain and heart only. But thanks to sophisticated technology, this police also has a robotic body that he can use to eradicate crime. Even much stronger than humans in general. Just imagine if the sophistication of this limb transplants can be applied in real life, would be very easy for people with disabilities to be able to walk, run, and perform other activities.

4. When regret comes, sometimes we want to go back in time to fix it. Often we also hope there will be real time machineThere have been many films depicting how we can go back in time, such as Back to the Future and Predestination. Do you even remember the childhood of Zidan and Pak Haji's adventures in the Time Aisle? From the very beginning, mankind dreamed of going to the past and into the future. You can see the world is very different from our era. Well in order to realize that, various studies have been done to create a tool that allows us to move to another time dimension. Unfortunately, until now the reality has not sided with our imagination yes, guys.

5. Car flying in the movie Blade Runner, the dream really to face the increasingly boring jams

You who ever watched Blade Runner must be amazed and amazed at the world of the movie. Many innovations in technology are cool and very helpful. Well one of the technology from Blade Runner that we really need now is a flying car. When the jam-streets on the road, often we are gemes and wish to fly aja. Unfortunately the current flying transport technology is just a plane and helicopters wrote. It also requires a field to fly and land. Duh when ya car flying a la Blade Runner is really applied in the real world?

Speaking of Blade Runner, the sequel to this movie, Blade Runner 2049, has started running in theaters since October 6th yesterday. This time not only Harrison Ford will be presenting his best action, but there is also Ryan Gosling and Jared Letto. Check out the trailer below!

6. All surely know Baymax's cute robot in Big Hero Six movie. In addition funny, this robot can also be our personal healthcare, definitely exclaimed right

Unlike other robots, Baymax comes up with a super funny form but still has a great benefit in the health field. If you have Baymax, you do not have to go to a doctor anymore. Baymax will handle all your health complaints. This is best for you who do not have someone who always cares about your health * Oops. Ah, when yes there is a personal healthcare like Baymax, definitely very useful ya.

Watching Sci-Fi movies is fun-fun funny ya. Fun because the story is really exciting, because we are made jealous with the enormous amount of technology presented. One of them is this Blade Runner 2049. When in the era of the first Blade Runner is 30 years earlier there is a flying car, approximately in Blade Runner 2049 is there any sophisticated tools huh?

Let's take some time to watch and invite family and friends. When will you watch the legendary Harisson Ford collide with Ryan Gosling and other famous artists in one cool movie?

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