6 This Plant Is Able To Lower Electricity Bills

6 This Plant Is Able To Lower Electricity Bills

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Liputan6.com, Jakarta The dry season is almost here. Temperatures in the room would be hotter. The use of air conditioner (AC) or fan to cool the room will be more intense. As a result, the electric bill will swell. For that, you have to think of other alternative way is not it?

Reporting from WittyFeed, you can actually replace the electronic appliances with air conditioning plants. In addition to being able to set the room temperature to cool, the following plants are also able to increase the aesthetic value of your home room.

1. Snake Plant (tongue-in-law)

Tongue-in-law is ideally placed in the bedroom. Unlike other plants, the tongue-in-law releases oxygen at night. Your sleep will be more qualified with the air around you becoming cooler.

2. Aloe Vera (aloe vera)

Aloe vera is a plant that can lower the temperature of heat in the room. In addition, aloe vera is quite effective in improving air quality in the room. This one plant is able to purify the air from formaldehyde toxins.

3. Areca Palm Tree (palm tree)

This most popular room plant is able to clean the air naturally. This tree is able to lower the air temperature in the room.

4. Boston Fern (boston fern)

Although more people use this plant as an ornament, the Boston fern actually has a function as an air purifier. The Boston fern has a natural cooling temperature.

5. Baby Rubber Plant (banyan rubber)This plant also effectively purifies and cools indoor air. Banyan gum is very easy to plant as long as it is placed in fertile soil.

6. Golden Pothos (betel ivory)

This plant is very potent counteracting toxins such as xylene, benzene, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde. As with previous plants, betel ivory also has the ability to cool the air in a roar.


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