6 Unique Facts About English Village Pare You Should Know

6 Unique Facts About English Village Pare You Should Know

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The English village is located in Singgahan Village and Tulungrejo Village, Pare Kediri Sub-district, East Java. 3 hours road trip from Surabaya, you can also use the plane, train, and bus transportation to get there. Many things you will get if you choose to come to the English Village Pare, ranging from a quiet atmosphere and surrounded by rice fields and corn fields.

The history of the founding of this English village originated from a course institute founded by Mr. Kalend Osen (better known as Mr. Kalend) on June 15, 1977. The institution is called Basic English Course or known as BEC. However, before the BEC course institute stands, Pare is well known and a favorite place for students from out of town who are mostly preparing for Thesis exams. The person most sought by these people is Ustad Yazid, a foreign language expert in Tulungrejo – Pare who is said to be the story of society and his family he mastered up to 7 foreign languages.

English village has taken 39 years to date, it is natural this place can be like now, which is the center of learning English in Indonesia.

Here are 6 unique facts about English Village Pare you should know, before coming there.

1. There are over 300 courses

For those of you who want to learn and improve english and other foreign languages, just calm down, here there are approximately 300 courses that offer many advantages at affordable prices like BEC, Elfast, The Daffodils, and so on.

You will learn about speaking, grammar, vocab, pronoun, and for the preparation of the TOEFL & IELTS test. The starting period of the course every 10th and 25th of the month. You can take courses per 2 weeks or up to 6 months. All available according to your choice and needs.

2. Food prices are cheap and many choices

Do not ask again, here the food is very cheap and many choices. You do not need to fear the lack of nutrient intake because it is far from parents, because with Rp. 4000 you can eat pecel rice typical of this area and with Rp. 10.000, you can eat with chicken and seafood. Typical foods such as pentol and tansu are also mandatory for you to taste. Less let alone try?

3. Bikes are the main transportation during the English village

Where to ride a bike? Cupu? Eits, wait, in the English Village of Pare, you will get used to seeing many people using bicycles as their daily transportation. Starting from local residents as well as other bureaucrats. Very unpretentious and far from the city's air pollution, you know !. Bicycle rental costs range from Rp. 50.000-90.000 / bulan. So, in addition to the foreign language smoothly, the body is also healthy, right? Sure ya, do not want to try?4. Friendly and average citizens can use English

Residents around the British village on average are native Javanese. They are very friendly and welcome to the newcomers, you know. Sometimes traders often speak English. Yes though not all of them. Its so great time and great experience for you, If you come to Pare.

5. Living together in camp / dormitory

For those of you who want to have lots of acquaintances and relationships, this is a chance. You can live together in a camp or dormitory. My personal experience of staying a camp with 15 people, this is a valuable experience for me, learning to understand the various characters and personality of friends, sharing stories, mutual sorrows, and learning tolerance. Camp fee is only Rp 200.000-300.000 per month, inclusive of additional programs (morning expression, debate, and listening). For those of you who want to live independently without many people's disturbance, also can kok stay dikos-kosan.

6. Meet with various friends from all over Indonesia, and abroad

Do not be surprised deh, if initially will meet with various accents and ethnic groups. That's normal really, because that comes to the English village pare it almost from all parts of Indonesia, you know. There are also from foreign countries like from Thailand and Malaysia are also many who come here to learn English. Not bad, can be acquaintances from various regions of beloved motherland, calculate your savings if you want to walk there already friends and acquaintances.

How? Interested to Pare, mate? Come on, come and feel the sensation of learning in the English Village of Pare!

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