7 Android Survival Games That You Must Play Once Lifetime

7 Android Survival Games That You Must Play Once Lifetime

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The genre of survival is quite a lot of devotees because this theme is good in the real world or movies are always liked by everyone. Game survival is a game that focuses on how the character can survive for as long as possible, in a place or arena to reach a victory. What is clear, unique and not at all easy to play.

Game survival has a different storyline. Some are focused on war, on the horror storyline, and much more. Most often, however, it is telling a character who is trapped somewhere by himself and trying to survive to find a way out. Games like this are always curious, like some games that Jaka present below!

1. Survival Island 2: Dino Hunter

Survival Island 2: Dino Hunter according to Jaka is quite interesting from the gameplay or visual graphics. Storytelling in ancient times where we will be given quite a challenge, especially if not dinosaurs. The characters that we play only rely on simple equipment to survive the knives and axes made of stone.

You must survive and avoid the dinosaurs or kill them with knives and axes of stones to get the meat and eat it. In this game, you will also find stones that can be used to assemble weapons, such as spears and other weapons.

2. Experiment Z Zombie Survival

If this one is a bit horror! Experiment Z Zombie Survival in accordance with the title, of course the enemies that exist in this game is a zombie. Not at all easy, you should try to survive in a city filled with zombies.

You can find and collect various weapons that are useful for attacking zombies when you are trying to be killed. Uniquely, Experiment Z Zombie Survival can be played online loh, so it can be played together with your friends.

3. The Survivor Rusty Forest

Not much different from zombie survivor, this game also brings a little horror story. Yes, indeed most of the game of this genre tells a person who lost and live alone in the middle of the forest. Different missions, but the core remains the same, that is how the characters you play survive.

4. Five Night at Freddys 4Suitable ya for playing night fitting! Will make you scared and can not sleep. Five Night at Freddys 4 tells the story of a haunted house, you act as a child who must try to survive to find a way out to survive the night tense. Five Night at Freddys 4 game will give more horror experience than the three games that Jaka mentioned earlier.

5. Dinosaur Hunter Survival Game

Dinosaur Hunter Survival Game is sure to present dinosaurs as the enemy of the characters we run. This game tells someone who is trapped in a vast forest, the forest is inhabited by the dinosaurs. Your job is to try to kill as many dinosaurs as possible relying on firearms to survive.

6. Day R Survival

Day R Survival is one of Jaka's favorite survival games, because this game presents a pretty interesting gameplay. In this game you must avoid deaths caused by illness, colonization, and also food shortages. There are ways you can survive, by mixing drugs, making other equipment, building signs for sleep, and so on.

7. Thrive Island Free Survival

The last is Thrive Island Free Survival, this game entered as a game of survival sandbox, in the sense that this game there is no limit between losing and winning. We will decide for ourselves. So it's still the same with other survival games, that is trying to survive for as long as possible.

That's him collect games Android survival MUST be played. Survival is really a very challenging game and worth to play. If you are curious and want to try, then it can be downloaded in Google Play Store.

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