7 Benefits of Turmeric Starts Curing Acne To Prevent Tumors

7 Benefits of Turmeric Starts Curing Acne To Prevent Tumors

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Vemale.com – Called turmeric or also turmeric, a plant that has the latin name Curcuma longa is one of the spice and medicinal plants that grow in the region of Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. Almost everyone in Indonesia knows well what turmeric is. In everyday life, this spice is a complement to cooking herbs and herbs that maintain health and beauty.

Is a chemical compound contained in turmeric, called curcumin which has many benefits for health and beauty. Some of these benefits include:

Overcoming the fishy smell during menstruation

Turmeric acid is usually recommended by those who are having menstruation. It turns out this turmeric can launch menstruation and overcome the stench during menstruation.

Relieves heartburn

Turmeric herb can also relieve gastritis and other digestive problems. Turmeric as an agent that can prevent bacterial infections, will help relieve stinging in the stomach.

Heals cough

If you have been drinking all kinds of drugs and cough does not go away, then brewed turmeric boiled with ginger and brown sugar. Taken once a day after eating until your cough disease subsides and heals.

Heal the tonsils

This one throat problem is dangerous and can cause death. When left, then the body will also be disrupted comfort. For that, the consumption of turmeric that has been smoothed water taken, mixed with lemon and honey. Drinking every day and tonsils will tend to deflated.

Inhibits tumor growthWhite turmeric has the benefit of inhibiting the growth of tumors and cancer cells. Consumed daily, and is recommended to reduce fatty food menu.

Cure acne

Efficacy of turmeric beauty in addition to smoothing and whitening the skin is to cure acne. Whether applied as a mask or drink, acne will be undoubtedly dry and lost.

Streamline breast milk

Turmeric is also mentioned to facilitate breast milk. However, it is recommended that mothers eat turmeric made alone instead of instant drinks. The content of preservatives and coloring can be harmful to your baby.

Let's go back to nature and enjoy the goodness of nature to maintain beauty and health.

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