7 Best Android HD Games under 50MB

7 Best Android HD Games under 50MB

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Back again with the discussion of the best small HD Android game. This game is suitable for you who really want to play the game bergrafis charming, but the remaining memory is not sufficient or your quota is left a little.

In the previous article I have presented the Best Android HD Game under 25MB. This time I will slightly increase the capacity of the game, which of course graphics and gameplay it was also up. Here's a review of 7 Android HD Games at Under 50MB. Lets check it out!

1. Asphalt Nitro (34,75 MB)

Series downgrade Asphalt 8 comes with packaging that impressed minimalist. However, there is no significant difference from Asphalt 8 itself. Action kebut-kebutan, collision, acrobatics still presented quite well in this best-sized small Android HD game. You can also use a variety of luxury cars that exist or you can upgrade and modify your flagship car. There are also multiplayer features that you can play with your friends.

2. 3D Rollercoaster Rush NewYork (36,81 MB)

Digital Chocolate is a fairly reliable developer in presenting addictive games. Just as 3D Rollercoaster Rush NewYork is quite addictive, proved to have 5 million downloads recorded on the Play Store. Set New York city, here you will be charged with controlling the roller coaster fixed on the rail that runs across the city so as not to lose control and fall. Here too there are obstacles that will make the game more challenging. The point is really worth deh this game is classified into the best 2016 Android HD Game in small size.

3. Zombie Highway (21.90 MB)

Zombie Highway is the best free Android HD game endless run genre that has quite unique fashion. Here you play the person who is rescuing from the zombie invasion. By using cars and weapons you will pass the zombies that are blocking. Not just zombies, some obstacles like objects scattered on the road will also make this game more interesting. You can buy cars and new weapons with the money you can during play or by utilizing In App Purchase.

4. Fishing Hook (37,80 MB)

This time from the best Android HD game themed fishing, Fishing Hook. Just like real fishing, you will play as a fisherman who uses a ship in the middle of a river or sea that hunts your fish coveted. Gameplay is quite simple, making the best free Android HD game is easy for you to play. You will find a variety of fish, from small to large, even white sharks. Then you can also upgrade your existing fishing and feeding tools.

5. Riptide GPBack again with racing games, but this time not the car that competed, but jetski. The futuristic jetski will you race on the water track with a bandage of graphics that so spoil the eye. In this best 2016 Android HD game you just control the jumping jetski with the right or left screen screen, or can use shake control. You can also buy new jetski by using the money earned from the races available in many levels.

6. Bima X (21.63 MB)

Who does not know him? Tokusatsu native Indonesia who some time ago was trending with one of his series on local television. His fame brought him to the birth of the fighting-themed Android game, Bima X. No famous game developer Namco Bandai from Japan, who took over the creation and release of the game.

You can choose 4 characters available at the beginning of the game and other characters will open after you have won the challenge mode. Fight like a fighting game generally but with the buttons that are easy to master and the eye-pleasing graphics, make you obliged to try the best Android HD game this small one.

7. 300: Seize Your Glory (45.22 MB)

The best free Android HD game adapted from this movie takes us into a time of Spartan War that is so dark and gripping. With stunning graphics plus cool sound effects, will certainly make you chuckle in awe. If you've ever played God of War on the PlayStation 2 console, then you will not be familiar with 300: Seize Your Glory. With real-time battle mode, you'll play a Spartan warrior who fights with many opponents in battles aboard or in the middle of the sea.

Well, from the above 7 Android HD games, which one do you like best? Write your choice in the comment field yes!

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