7 Best Free Android Games with Stunning Graphics August 2017 Edition

7 Best Free Android Games with Stunning Graphics August 2017 Edition

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One of the new ways to form our brains in a positive way is to make it smarter, faster, and stronger to think is to play games. Therefore, Jaka always routinely presents the best row of Android games every month.

Then, the best Android game edition of August 2017 starts from the air war simulation game ala the movie Dunkirk ie War Wings. There is also a Square Enix cooking game. Furthermore, you can listen to the following reviews.

Best Android Games August 2017

1. War Wings

Have you watched a Dunkirk movie? This movie shows how terrible the war, be it land, sea, and air. Well you can feel the war in the air in the best Android game called War Wings made by Miniclip.com.

Here you will be a pilot in World War II. Fighting in the air, with quite realistic experience. Live or die and only the most skilled pilots can survive.

2. The Tiger

For you who want to feel a little sensation to be one type of big cat that is Tiger, must try simulation game with this one RPG genre. The Tiger is a developer of Swift Apps LTD.

The Tiger displays pretty amazing graphics. You can explore the forest, find your own good prey or in groups, and upgrade power. Only the most powerful Tiger can survive the ferocity of the forest.

3. Chaos Battle League

Chaos Battle League is a real-time strategy game with Clash Rolaye-like gameplay. Where you have to fight with the player directly with the aim of destroying the enemy tower.Let's just say, Chaos Battle League besutan developer This Game Studio is a simplified MOBA game. To win, you have to collect the cards with various characters and upgrade the ability.

4. Meshi Quest: Five-star Kitchen

Who does not know the famous Square Enix publiher? Yes, he is known for his RPG games namely Final Fantasy.

The good news, Square Enix has launched a new game called Meshi Quest: Five-star Kitchen and can be played free-to-play or free. Basically your job is to cook food as fast as possible for customers to keep your customers satisfied.

5. Seven Paladins ID: 3D Game RPG x MOBA

The next best Android game is the Seven Paladins ID: 3D RPG x MOBA game made by MainGames developers. RPG game with MOBA tactics mix.

Interestingly, you can form a guild with your friends, level up the guild and compete against guilds from other players all over the world. Defeat the gigantic monster strongest together, do not let the devil master the universe.

6. Ristar

Next there is the best Android game besutan SEGA Ristar is included in the collection of classic games SEGA Forever.

Yes, this previous side-scrolling game can only be played on console, but now you can play for free on smartphone.

7. Adventure Time RunYes, Adventure Time Run is one of the best Android endless runner games you can play right now. Game made by Tangent developers are using the Adventure Time cartoon characters that certainly add to the excitement of running.

The final word

Well that's him 7 best Android games with kece graphics that you can play for free edition of August 2017. Good luck!

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