7 Best PSVR Games of All Time

7 Best PSVR Games of All Time

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Playstation VR is a virtual reality headset made by Sony which was released in October 2016. This device was first introduced through the event E3 2016, which was then called Project Morpheus. PSVR has a 5.7 inch OLED display with 1920x1080p resolution. VR headset is made specifically for Sony's pride console that is Playstation 4.

With the VR, game play on the console becomes more exciting and also real. So far, there have been many cool VR games for PS4 and most have amazing visuals. Well, for those of you who want to buy PSVR or want to play its game, then this 7 best PSVR game you must try first. Cekidot!


1. EVE Valkyrie

If you're the type of gamer who likes the theme of outer space, then EVE Valkyrie suits you. CCP Games as a developer makes the world in this game very wide, so you can feel the atmosphere of space war when fighting with friends in multiplayer. VR display in this game is very extraordinary and all of it combined with a visual pamper the eyes. This one game you must buy for your PSVR.

2. Farpoint

Farpoint is a first person shooter VR game that uses alien world as the main background. In this game you can move your hand to shoot the enemy. The story itself focuses on your efforts to find a pair of scientists who will be brought back to earth, on a hollow and empty planet. Game released in May 2017 is reaping many positive reviews because of the story line and also the visual layout of interest.

3. Star Trek – Bridge Crew

If you are a big fan of Star Trek, then Bridge Crew might be the game you've been wanting for so long. In this game you can experience the thrill of living on a USS Aegis spacecraft by acting as a captain, tactician, steering driver, or even a ship technician. Multiplayer mode in this game is also included, so you can run a space ship with your friends with different roles of course. Not only for the PS4, Ubisoft-made game is also made version of his PC.

4. Arizona Sunshine

The first zombie-themed game to visit PSVR is Arizona Sunshine from Vertigo Games. Game released December 2016 uses PlayStation Aim and PlayStation Move as a control to fight the zombies. The game's place setting is located in Southwestern America that has a variety of different environments to explore, such as canyons and mines. The main focus when playing this game is to survive while collecting existing resources. The good news, this game is also released for PC.Starblood Arena

Want a game with a fast and massive space battle? So, Starblood Arena is your answer. In this game you can choose the pilots and battleships you will use. And you can play alone, or with three of your friends through Deathmatch or Co-op mode. This game tests your reflexes because the battles offered count fast. The world is also broad and solid, combined with stunning graphics.

6. Resident Evil 7 VR

In the usual mode only Resident Evil 7 has become one of the scariest games so far. However, through VR mode, this game can be a nightmare for you. This new franchise has used the first person shooter camera, so it feels more tense especially in VR mode. Basically the quality of the graphics or storyline VR mode in this game the same as the usual mode. It's just offering a more frightening sensation as well as jump-scare that is classified as too much. The plan Resident Evil 7 VR will also be released for PC and Xbox One in 2018.

7. Skyrim VR

Skyrim is actually an old game that was released in 2011 then. However, the large number of players who are still active today, allowing this game made Bethesda can still 'live' at least for a long time. And good news for Skyrim fans is this game can now be enjoyed with PSVR. One of the advantages in this VR version is the ability to use two spells simultaneously. Playing this one game in VR mode may be the best way to nostalgia with Skyrim, which until now still has not been made to continue.

It was the best 7 PSVR games of all time guaranteed to bring you great gaming sensations. Of the 7 games above, what have you played? Or maybe some of them have become your favorite? write in the comment field yes!

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