7 Choices That You Can Create For Your Budget Traveling More Efficient Later

7 Choices That You Can Create For Your Budget Traveling More Efficient Later

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Travel ticket already purchased. Lodging to be visited also booked. Then, what else is lacking? Yep! Snacks and meals to accompany the long journey that you will pass. Usually, you do not want to take the trouble to prepare food and prefer to buy it on the trip. But, conscious do not hell if the habit that actually makes your travel budget to swell?

Well, for the cost that you spend fixed on budget, try yuk to bring your own stock from home. Certainly, this provision should be tasty, can provide energy intake, and also durable. Like 7 foods that Hipwee write this recipe. Check it out, yuk!

1. Often Tempted With Nobita Alan Supply? You Can Also Make Japanese-style Japanese Rice with Your Own Creation

If you often watch Japanese cartoons, this head of rice will often you see. Or maybe you are more familiar with the name onigiri. Well, this food is often really made provision by the people in Japan there. Makes it easy, durable, it tastes good too. But, it does not need to be a Japanese person to make it. You can also make it easy to make provisions when traveling to various regions.

Materials you need:

Rice that is not too hot, portions adjusted
Salt and pepper to taste
1 egg, shake it off and cook it scrambled
2 pieces of dried seaweed or nori, rough suwir
1 fruit of corn, comb and stew

How to make:

Mix all ingredients in a bowl until blended.
Take 2 tablespoons full of rice mixture. Then head to ball-shaped or triangular.
Wrap with aluminum foil in order to stay durable and warm.

Rice head is suitable to be a provision along the way as well as when you climb the mountain. Does not contain ingredients that easily rot, nutritional content is also quite complete. Do not forget to keep wrapping it with aluminum foil, yes.

2. Kimbap, Korean Roll Rice is Also Easy to Make and Quickly Carried

For K-Pop fans or Korean dramas, this one food must be very often you see. Yes, in South Korea, kimbap indeed become one of the favorite foods, especially to be school and picnic supplies. For the uninitiated, kimbap is rice rolled with dried seaweed with carrots, cucumbers, and meat-dagingan. The shape is similar to sushi, only the stuffing of protein is different.To make this kimbap, the ingredients you need to prepare are:

Rice that is not too hot, adjust to the desired portion
Salt to taste
2 tablespoons sesame oil
Dried seaweed or nori
1 cucumber. Wash, peel, cut as long as the dried seaweed is used
1 carrot, boil and cut along the dried seaweed
1 sheet omelet, long cut
2 pieces of beef sausage, boiled and cut into long pieces
Clear plastic and sushi roll mats (can be replaced with aluminum foil)

How to make:

Mix rice, salt, and sesame oil on a large bowl container.
Coat the roll mat or aluminum foil with clear plastic. Then place the nori on it.
Pour 4 tablespoons of rice over the nori. Smooth thin until it meets 1/2 parts.
Place the cucumbers, carrots, eggs, and sausages piled on top of the tip rice.
Scroll slowly to the end. Press-tap to be more sticky. Remember, plastic only to help keep it from sticking. So do not roll up.
Cut unanimously with a thickness of 1 cm.

Kimbap that has been cut is easier to organize into the container to eat. But you can also kok directly wrap it with aluminum foil without cut. Later, eat it directly devoured just like eating lemper or lontong.

3. Want a Long-Term Sense? Bring Hashbrown Ready Only!

Hashbrown is a very suitable food for lunch when traveling. Why? Because this one is made with basic ingredients of potatoes rich in carbohydrates and filling. The process of making a fried way also makes it so durable to take a trip far enough. Want to try to make it?

Materials you need:

3 pieces of potato, grated coarse and soak in water
1 egg, shake off
Salt and pepper powder to taste
The oil for frying

How to make:

Drain and wrap the grated potatoes dry. Can use paper towels or clean napkins.
Mix potatoes, salt, pepper, and eggs in a bowl until blended.
Take 1 tablespoon of dough. The shape of the dough becomes a box or a triangle.
Heat the oil. Fry the dough until golden brown.To travel within close proximity, this hashbrown can be placed in the lunch box immediately after the heat begins to evaporate. But if your travel distance is quite far away, it would be better if this delicious hashbrown you wrap using aluminum foil before it is stored in the box. That way, the warmth and quality will taste more durable.

This recipe is processed from Cooking with Love blog.

4. Chock Your Stomach That Rags With Baby Mini Martabak

Which Indonesians do not like martabak? This food is originally from the middle east there, but the fans in Indonesia is not counted. Martabak is not just good to eat while watching or family event, you know. To be taken as a provision of travel also martabak this feels good, healthy, and of course save.

Martabak this you can make your own, lho, to be more healthy and durable. But to be more practical, we make a mini martabak eggs, yuk. Here are the ingredients you need:

2 packs of ready-to-use spring rolls
1 can of corned beef
Leaves onion to taste, thinly sliced ??round
3 chicken eggs
1 egg white grain, for adhesive
1/2 cloves of onion, roughly chopped
Salt, pepper, and beef broth powder to taste

How to make it too easy:

Beat eggs, corned beef, spring onion, and seasoning until smooth.
Heat a little oil, saute onion until fragrant and wilted. Put the mixture of contents into the stir. Cook until 1/2 cooked and mixed well.
Prepare 2 pieces of spring roll skin on a stack. Pour the stir-fry onto the lumpia skin.
Fold into a box shape and paste the edges with egg whites.
Heat the oil. Fried martabak until golden brown. Drain.

Just like hashbrown, martabak mini eggs also you have to wait until the temperature down before packed. This is done so that your food can remain durable for longer. Martabak mini eggs do not have to wrap with aluminum foil, but if you want to wrap it will be better.

This recipe is processed from the Cook Kitchen site.

5. Want a Sweet Snack and Full Substance Energy Enhancer? Banana Rolls Chocolate Bread This Is The Right Choice To Be Your SupplyThis brown banana rolls bread is only considered as a sweet snack only. In fact, this food is powerful enough to add energy and make your stomach full with fitting. Just look at the materials used. There are breads that are rich in carbohydrates and there are also bananas for your daily fruit intake. Quite complete, right? Making it also not difficult and takes a long time, really. Try it, yuk!

Materials you need:

1 pack of white bread, discard the edges and flatten
8 pieces of ambon bananas
Meises chocolate to taste
2 eggs, shake off
Margarine to taste

How to make:
Take 1 loaf of bread. Apply a little margarine. Place 1 banana on the end and sprinkle meises sufficiently.
Roll the loaves. Glue the ends with the help of eggs.
Dip the roll on the egg whisk. Note do not get submerged.
Heat the oil. Fry the roll until browned bread. Drain.

For this brown banana roll, try to wrap it with aluminum foil so that no air comes in. So, your food can be much more durable. Oh yes, do not forget to wait for the temperature to cool first before wrapping.

This recipe is processed from the Cook Kitchen site.

6. No Need to Fear Feeling Hungry If You Bring Dadar Rolls Sausage Rice As a Supply

Apparently, the Indonesian people have not felt to eat if not eating rice. For that, rice and rice sausage roll is really fitting for made provision by you. Easy to make, tasty, and certainly durable to carry on the way.

The materials you need to make it:

2 eggs, omelette
2 pieces of beef sausages, fried
1 small bowl of cold white rice
Clear plastic and sushi roll mat or aluminum foil

How to make:Put a sushi or aluminum foil roll on the table. Cover with clear plastic.
Place 1 egg sheet on it. Give rice on it, approximately 2-3 tablespoons. Flatten to cover 7/8 surface.
Place 1 piece of sausage at the end of the egg.
Roll the eggs to the end and solidify them to glue well. Remember, plastic only to help keep it from sticking. So do not roll up.
Cut round with a thickness of approximately 1.5 cm.

Easy to make it? In addition, this sausage rolls rice rolls also contain nutrients to increase your energy during the trip. Do not forget to be wrapped with aluminum foil or plastic foil in order to stay durable brought long trips.

The recipe is processed from the Father's Birth website.

7. Beef Sandwich: Classic Supply and Favors For A More Exciting Trip

Well, if this one food is already subscriptions so stock for traveling or just a picnic. Full of nutrients and easy to make too. You guys who rarely dwell in the kitchen alone can make it.

The materials you need are also easy to obtain:

4 pieces of bread without barbecue
2 pieces of burger bacon pack, fry and drain
2 pieces of lettuce, wash and dry
4 cucumber pieces, wash and dry
2 pieces of cheese, optional

To make it, you just need to stack all the ingredients above in the following order:

1 sheet of fresh bread
1 piece of lettuce
1 piece of meat
1 piece of cheese
2 cucumbers
1 sheet of fresh bread
After that, cut the bread into 2 transversely. So, you will get 2 pieces of bread with a triangle shape. Then, repeat the steps for 1 cup of bread. It's easy, right?

Well, the breads you can wrap it with plastic foil to make it more durable. If you like spicy, do not mix the chili sauce directly in it but just bring that in the sachet packaging. This is so your sandwich will not taste sour.

This recipe is processed from the Cook Kitchen site.There are 7 recipes that you can make and make provisions during your wisatamu trip. The important thing is, make sure your food is not hot and not wet before wrapped. If it were so, it would still be nice to eat when you're hungry on the way.

Good luck!

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