7 Destinations in Purwokerto that Make it Worth So Tourism Center Ngapak Land

7 Destinations in

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Has it ever crossed your mind to go for a walk with friends to Banyumas, precisely the city of Purwokerto? Maybe all this time you prefer to go to the famous tourist areas only, such as Bali or Bandung. Whereas Purwokerto is not difficult to reach, because it is in the middle of the island of Java. You who live in Yogyakarta and Semarang can get there in half a day. Likewise you who home in West Java, such as Tasikmalaya and Pangandaran.

Do not imagine Purwokerto as a remote town with minimal tourist destinations. Currently Purwokerto is growing rapidly with modernization and a steady infrastructure development. The community is friendly and earthy, so you will feel comfortable and comfortable there.

Which destinations do you want to catch while in town? Check out the following list!

1. Only 15 minutes from the city center, there are attractions Baturraden that offers the coolness of the mountains and beauty as far as the eye can see

Baturraden, not Baturaden!

Maybe you've often heard his name, but did you know that Baturraden tourist attraction is located in Purwokerto? The famous object with clean and pollution-free air feels so cool, even during the day. The location is also close, only about 15 minutes drive from downtown Purwokerto by vehicle.

Baturraden is a tourist attraction with lots of rides. Swimming pool, sled pool, water bike, up to hot water bath you can enjoy with the price of Rp. 14,000 only.

Baturraden is also famous for its beautiful natural scenery and beautiful. In addition to lush green gardens, we can also see Nusakambangan Island from a distance. The view of the city from any height can be seen by you nicely at night, the light is like a star that flickers. Your family will be satisfied invited to tour all day at this tourism object.

2. Do not think Purwokerto has no tourist destination. Go to Baturraden Adventure Forest and get ready to be captivated.

Baturraden Adventure Forest. Tourist location owned by private and local government is developed as a natural tourist attraction that presents adventure programs in the open.

Upon arrival here, you will be greeted by views of the damar and pine forests and various forest vegetation that stretches at the foot of Mount Slamet. Not only that, you will also be pampered with adventure programs that contain various activities, such as mountain adventure, water adventure, tree adventure, and eco adventure. You can enjoy this tour together with friends, family groups, until your community while being gathering.3. Purwokerto also has a healthy hot springs, which you can find in Shower 3 and Shower 7.

Tourist attractions are also located in the area of ??Baturraden has a location that is not far apart from each other. Travel husada or tourism treatment is not only can be enjoyed by utilizing hot water belerangnya only; there is also the beauty of nature that is still awake even though you have to fight to see it. For example, to get to the 7th shower we have to walk up dozens of stairs. But calm down, it is worth the atmosphere and the beauty of nature and warm water that can spoil our tired feet.

4. If you are tired with boisterous urban, you can alienate yourself to the peaceful of the Silent Lake

The location is not far from Wana Wisata Baturraden is indeed famous for its shady trees with dense and cause a distinctive aroma of pine forest. Among the forests, there is a lake that is the main spring in the region. Its calm, clear waters display the visible base of the lake. This kind of beauty is perfect for the location to hunt for beautiful photographs for you who love photography. But, it's fun to just sit around the edge and sink into the silence of this lake.

5. Stop to Cipendok waterfall not far from the city of Purwokerto. There, you can get wet in a waterfall that is almost 100 meters high

Curug located 25 km from downtown Purwokerto is located in the Village Karangtengah, Cilongok, Banyumas. The location has an environment that is still very beautiful and natural and cool air because it is in the highlands. The road to the location was already paved and had easy access. On the street approaching this location, there are many stalls selling typical dishes such as mendoan and pure milk. The typical eagle and ape voices will fill your ears, making you feel like you are in a different world. Not to mention the beautiful scenery along the way can make your eyes become fresh. Cool breeze is guaranteed to make you even more unwilling to go home!

6. You who want to recharge spiritual needs can also come to Maria Kaliori Cave

Purwokerto not only famous for its natural attractions are still beautiful. You can also come closer to Him or meet your spiritual needs when you come to this city. About 20 kilometers from downtown Purwokerto, you can find a cave of Mary that is still included in the diocese of Purwokerto.

Because of its 5.6 hectare area, you can find many facilities here. There is a pavilion to rest, church, to chairs under lush trees. You can also make pilgrimages at various tombs decorated with angel statues here. The statue of Our Lady in this cave area was blessed exclusively by Pope Paul II. If you visit this cave later, may you find the spiritual serenity you are looking for, yes.

7. Before leaving goodbye, fill your belly with the best tempo mendoan on the island of Java and Soto Sokaraja seductive taste

The town of Purwokerto deserves to be called the culinary center Ngapak area. Because the city is a lot of tourist arrivals from out of town who just want to taste the delights of the typical foods. As a walker in Purwokerto, do not forget to stop in the culinary area Jl. Prof. Dr. Suharso (or commonly called GOR Satria Purwokerto area). Here, there are many places to eat that you can visit, from fifties to restaurants.Try mendoan original Purwokerto that seems clear crisper from mendoan-mendoan from other regions in Indonesia. Not only that, you also have to taste delicious and soto Soto Soto. Nearby there are also many typical foods like Getuk Goreng which tastes delicious and legit. Guaranteed, although your stomach has given up, your tongue will still want to chew!

There is no reason to not try to visit this Ngapak city. Enjoy the comfort and openness that the city of Purwokerto will give you. In addition to the already mentioned Hipwee above, there are actually other destinations that you can visit to fill your day here. Have experience in other tourist sites that are typical of Purwokerto?

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