7 Enchanting Jember Tour Charms You Jamahi Immediately!

7 Enchanting Jember Tour Charms You Jamahi Immediately!

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When we travel to East Java, Malang and Surabaya are like the prima donna among the traveler. Can not be denied, they do have a variety of tourist destinations worth a visit.

However, that does not mean other areas in East Java you can just ignore it. Jember District with a variety of tourist charms that have proven also worth your time during the holiday season arrives. Well, what are the existing tourist destinations in Jember? Check out this article, yuk!

1. Mengajal Educational Tour, Visit the Dutch Heritage Chocolate Factory at Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Center

Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Center located on Jalan PB. Sudirman 90 is perfect for those of you who want to try out fun educational tour. In this place there is also a Dutch chocolate factory that has been established since 1911.

One of the mainstay products from this Cocoa Research Center is chocolate with brand Vicco. Although not widely known, the quality of chocolate from this factory has been known to other countries, you know. In fact, Vicco is said to be one of the best quality chocolates in the world.

Well, for the tourists who want to visit this chocolate factory, are required to take care of the permit letter first, yes!

2. Taste Ecotourism Sensation with a Trip to the Coffee Garden, Railway Tunnel, and Gumitir Coffee Factory

After exploring the Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Center, you can continue your journey to the Gumitir Coffee Factory. Here, you can try ecotourism sensation in Jember. You can enjoy a walk to the coffee plantation, railway tunnel, and coffee factory and see the production process in it.

Uniquely, all equipment and buildings Gumitir Coffee Factory is a relic of the Dutch colonial era. In addition, panoramic hills and coffee plantations in this area certainly make you feel at home for long there. Facilities flying fox and outbond also available and can be tried to enliven your vacation.

3. Not Complete Visiting Jember If Not Stopped at Tobacco Museum

Jember is famous as a tobacco producing city. When visiting there, it is incomplete if you do not take time to stop at the Museum Tobacco Jember which is managed UPT Quality Testing Goods and Tobacco Institution Jember.At this Tobacco Museum, visitors can gain insight into tobacco plants. You can also watch a documentary about the process of tobacco cultivation since the days of the Netherlands first. Books about tobacco and ancient tools such as cigarette rolls and tobacco storage are also exhibited in this museum.

4. Visiting Megalithic Relics on Duplang Site, Duplang Village

Duplang site is a relic of megalithic period located in Duplang Hamlet, Kamal Arjasa Village. This site is believed to be an ancient village so many found objects of prehistoric relics in this place.

You have the opportunity to see firsthand the ancient objects such as grave stone, kenong stone, and menhir. Duplang sites are estimated to exist in the 4th century AD this indicates that early humans are familiar with human activities, such as farming.

5. Pamper Your Eyes by Watching the Beauty of Tancak Waterfall and Coffee Garden Mount Pasang

Tancak Waterfall in Jember offers exotic landscapes. Not only at the location of the waterfall, but the journey to the location of the waterfall would not be forgotten. During the trip you can see the beautiful view of Mount Pasang Coffee Garden. If you are harvesting, you can also observe the activity of coffee pickers who are busy harvesting coffee beans.

Afterwards, you will enjoy the journey through the path and your eyes will be pampered with a stretch of green color. Although a bit tiring, the view of the waterfall that awaits you will obviously be equivalent to your fatigue.

6. If Bogor Got Peak, Jember Pun Got Many Rembang Peak Areas There is a Dragon Fruit Plantation

Located at the height of Mount Argopuro, the natural scenery in Puncak Rembangan is extraordinarily beautiful. Cool air in the Rembangan area will make you feel comfortable to linger there.

Besides famous for its panorama and coolness, Puncak Rembangan is also famous because there are many dragon fruit plantations there. Along the way to Rembang Peak, you can see the dragon fruit plantations on the left and right of the road. At night, the sight of the city lights will look beautiful from this area.

7. After Jember Travel Journey, There Is Not A Short Time to Relax in Sukorambi Botanical GardenSukorambi Botanic Garden is located at Jalan Mujahir. Surrounded by rice fields, some areas of this Botanical Garden is still a forest with various flora and fauna that exist there. In addition, the park has a variety of facilities such as fish ponds, swimming pools, cafes, restaurants, libraries, to meeting rooms. There are also water sports facilities and flying fox that you can enjoy.

At the top of this garden there are gardens with hundreds of different types of herbs. There are hundreds of different types of flowers and fruits and a variety of well-preserved animals in this park.

In addition to the above mentioned destinations, of course there are many tourist charms owned Jember. How? Already preparing to plan your trip to this Tobacco City?

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