7 Facts from a GO Pokemon that you have no idea about

7 Facts from a GO Pokemon that you have no idea about

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No wonder if you play Pokemon Go. Because the game that uses Augmented Reality in playing it successfully brings nuances of nostalgia in a different way. When else can feel Pokemon hunt in the real world, right?

But behind the thrill of playing Pokemon Go, how deep do you know about this game? In addition to the fact that this game was developed by Nintendo and Niantic, there are still other facts about Pokemon GO that you should know loh.

Interesting Facts About Pokemon GO

Pokemon much loved by children to adult because of its unique gameplay and also its funny character. Try who is not smitten with the funny character of Pikachu? Coupled with the battle system to pit the power in it, Pokemon is a fun game. So no wonder if then the presence of Pokemon GO is able to attract the attention of many smartphone users.

1. Pokemon GO Originally from April Fools!

Did you know that this Pokemon GO idea comes from Google's joke on April Fools in 2014? Google then released a video containing Pokemon locations around the world on Google Map. Of course it's just a tag location made interesting as if it's a sign of Pokemon presence. Just an April Fool's joke.

But at the same time, the Niantic has introduced Ingress which is a famous game Augmented Reality before. Inspired by Google's joke videos, eventually Niantic and Nintendo work together to combine their properties in a Pokemon GO game.

2. PokeStop and Gym Originally from Ingress Portal

For those of you who have played Pokemon GO, must be familiar with PokeStop. This is a point on the map where you can collect various items to play games, such as Pokeball, Egg, Potion, Revive, and more. But do you know how to make this PokeStop?

It turns out PokeStop and Gym are portals that used to be in Ingress. Well, because it was working together, finally Portal in Ingress is also made PokeStop. Can you imagine that there is an Ingress player and a Pokemon GO too? Definitely rame that place!

3. Many PokeStop in Places of WorshipPokeStop can easily be found in public buildings, such as malls, city parks, places of worship, and others. But interestingly, in Indonesia PokeStop is found in many places of worship! That means, people used to play Ingress a lot of portals in places of worship huh? But at least because of Pokemon GO worship place so crowded.

4. The number of Pokemon Continues to Increase

The more you walk, the more new Pokemon you meet. And the more Pokemon that will appear in Pokedex. If there are many that appear, then the greater the speed you can Pokemon rare. Just try to compare Pokemon in your Pokedex and your friends. Not the same?

5. Pokemon GO Collecting User Data

Not only need location access, Pok�mon GO also need access to the camera for Augmented Reality access, smartphone memory, even Gmail account. And unfortunately again, the Niantic and Nintendo have the authority to use the data they get for their needs. If you are afraid to share data in Pokemon GO, you can register using Pokemon Trainer Club account or do not play Pokemon GO all.

6. GO Pokemon Moving Social Media

Based on online tracking data in the United States, just three days after the launch of Pokemon GO, this game has been installed on 5.16% of existing smartphone devices. This is certainly a sign that the game Pokemon Go is welcomed by smartphone users of the world.

And did you know that the number of Pokemon GO's popularity soared sharply compared to Tinder's popularity? Does this mean the singles are no longer interested in hunting boyfriend huh? They are more interested in Pokemon hunting.

7. Americans Become Learning Metrics System

Do you know what the difference between Americans and other people of the world? In unit count. If the world is accustomed to using metric counts, America has its own count. Suppose the distance in feet is not in Km, and the weight in Lbs is not in Kg. Different own.

But if playing Pokemon Go, then the Americans are required to learn the distance count within Km. Because the instructions for stopping the eggs made in Km.Well, there are 7 interesting facts about Pokemon GO. Now so know that Pokemon GO is not just a game that requires you to catch Pokemon doang? There are many other interesting things from Pokemon GO.

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