7 Facts of Organic and Conventional Farming

7 Facts of Organic and Conventional Farming

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Organic farming is a future agricultural option that is guided by natural cycles, adapting to nature and following the laws of nature. Organic farming offers a secure, environmentally friendly and sustainable future farming system for the long term.

One of the obstacles in the development and application of organic agriculture in Indonesia is the low awareness and knowledge of producers and consumers against the dangers and risks of conventional agricultural products based on Agro-chemical which prioritizes the use of synthetic chemicals and their effects on the quality of water, soil, air and the environment

Below are 7 facts of organic farming and conventional farming:

Organic agriculture:

1. Long-term sustainable food security and independence

2. The balance and stability of ecosystems is preferred

3. Making farmers and consumers' lives healthier and more economical

4. Harmonious by following the natural way of utilizing natural ecosystems and plants

5. Maximum profit is not the main goal

6. Input from the outside is low and minimizes the cost of production by utilizing waste and materials already available in nature

7. Pressing pollution with compost use because compost can store large amounts of carbondi in the soilConventional Farming

1. Short-term food security and dependence on imports

2. Productivity takes precedence

3. Farmers and consumers are trapped in the consumption of contaminated food and expensive medicines.

4. Selfish in artificial ways (synthetic) and concerned about engineering technology

5. Maximum profit is everything in an instant way

6. Input from outside high so that the cost of production to be expensive

7. Pollution resulting from excessive use of chemical fertilizers has resulted in global warming and air pollution equivalent to 2 billion tons of CO2

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