7 Fascinating Spots in Baluran National Park, Little Africa in Java Land

7 Fascinating Spots in Baluran National Park, Little Africa in Java Land

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Holds the title of Africa van Java, making Baluran National Park located in Situbondo regency, East Java as one of the dream destinations for tourists. Besides enjoying the scenery of the wilderness and the savanna paddies that are excellent, there are some interesting spots that would be a pity if missed when visiting Baluran. What are the interesting spots? Let's take a look at the following reviews:

1. Evergreen Area

Evergreen area meruakan one of the forest area in Baluran National Park. This area always looks green and never gets dry despite entering a prolonged dry season. It is said, there is still a lot of water reserves in the underground there so as to make the plants in this area is always green throughout the season. You will feel the sensation of going through a shady green tunnel along the 5 kilometers as it passes through the Evergreen Area. If you are lucky, beautiful flocks of beautifully colored butterflies greet you when you cross this area. This location will be a pretty good spot to add a collection of traveling photos on your Instagram page you know!

2. Savanna Bekol

The main attraction Baluran can not be separated with the Savanna Bekol. The vast meadows of the Widoro Bukol plant with its Baluran Mountain background become the icon of this National Park. There is also a board that contains the skeleton of the bull's head and the wild buffalo Baluran which is often used as a location for photos for tourists. Taking pictures in this skeletal location seems to be a proof if you have legally set foot in Baluran National Park.

In addition to the scenery of dry savanna in the dry season, Bekol area also becomes an interesting spot for you who love to hunting photos with the theme of wildlife life. Here you can observe the activities of swarms of Baluran wildlife such as deer, buffalo, peacocks, fowls and so on. The best time to observe a herd of wild animals in Savanna Bekol is the morning after sunrise or late afternoon sunset.

3. Menara Pandang Bekol

Want to see Baluran National Park from a height? Can be! Staying towards the view tower located not far from the savanna you can enjoy the beauty of Baluran National Park from a height. In this Bekol viewing tower, you can see a third of Baluran National Park's total area. You can enjoy the beauty of the savanna from the height, the lush trees in the forest area, and the majestic Mount Baluran on the west side of the view tower. The voices of the Balinese inhabitants such as birds and long-tailed monkeys are clearly mutually shouted over the tower.

4. Bama Beach

Tired of wandering through the forest and the vastness of the savannas? The silence of Bama Beach can be the perfect tired bidder. The calm beach waves, crystal clear sea water, white sand lies, and shady trees make Bama Beach as a suitable place to relax. If you stay in this Bama Beach area, do not miss the beautiful sunrise view.

While at Bama Beach do not get over it, because you have to be wary of long-tailed monkeys that are aggressive enough to lurk every visitor, especially if you bring food with an inviting aroma. Their smell is quite sharp, so if you bring food and just momentarily fall asleep, get ready for your food will change hands to this long tail monkey herd!5. Mangrove Forest

Meeting mangrove forest near the beach Bama could be an alternative choice for you who want to enjoy the other side of this beach. Mangrove trees that thrive with roots of irregularly grooved trees give the impression of a monster ready to chase you. Scary fun, but shady trees in this area will make you relax for long while taking pictures to upload in your old social media!

6. Mangrove Forest Wooden Bridge

Want a photo of Instagram's current alphabet? can! On the wooden bridge of mangrove forest this could be an option you know. This wooden bridge connects the mangrove forest with the high seas. At the end of the bridge there is a gazebo with a great view of the blue sea. You can feel the calm sea atmosphere with fresh air in this area. Oh yes, this wooden bridge is also famous as one of the favorite locations for prewedding photoshoot!

7. Banteng Conservation Center of Java

Before leaving Baluran, do not forget to visit the Java bull in captivity. Banteng Jawa is the mascot of Baluran National Park which is now its existence in the wild is on the verge of extinction. To re-preserve the population of Javanese bull, then the park took the initiative to create a captive in the area of ??Baluran National Park.

This bull breeding location is next to the duty office, near savanna Bekol. Before visiting here it is better to ask permission first to the officer. Do not be noisy when in captivity, because the Java bull is quite vulnerable to noise! In this Javanese bull breeding you can ask the officers about how to harvest bulls, learn the physical characteristics of male bulls and female bulls, and what their behavior is like. An interesting and interesting educational nature is not it?

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