7 Forbidden Games To Play in Various Countries of the World

7 Forbidden Games To Play in Various Countries of the World

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Playing games is a pretty fun thing to do while filling your free time. There are now many game titles that you can download and play for free.

Of the many games that have been created, there are some game titles that are prohibited to be played in certain countries. The reason for a country to ban games played on the territory of course vary.

Here are some banned games that are blocked in some Countries of the World:

Forbidden Games in Various Countries

1. Battlefield 4 – China

One of the famous FPS game series, Battlefield 4, blocked sales by China. Quoted from Slashgear, China's reason to block Battlefield 4 because it is claimed to discredit China's national image and threats to national security.

2. Command & Conquer Generals – China

Another of the artificial games Electronic Arts (EA) is blocked and should not be played in China. In the Command & Conquer game: Generals have a mission that requires players to drop nuclear bombs and destroy the city of Beijing.

3. Pokemon GO – Iran

Augmented Reality game that could be phenomenal, Pokemon GO, can no longer be played in Iran. The reason Iran is blocking the GO Pokemon is a security issue.

According to a BBC report, it is not clear what exactly the security issue is the reason behind the ban.But it has many problems that arise, such as car accidents due to playing Pokemon and personal property issues that become PokeStop so annoying homeowners.

4. Watch Dogs – United Arab Emirates

Although somewhat successful in other countries, Watch Dogs seems to have to leave the United Arab Emirates. This is because Watch Dogs has some sexual scenes, nudity, to the use of drugs and alcohol.

5. Half-Life – Singapore

One of the old games made by Valve had been banned in Singapore. Quoted from Gamespot, Half-Life game is blocked because it displays too many violent scenes that are not suitable to be played by children.

6. Postal 2, 3 – New Zealand

Postal game series (Postal 2 and 3) are blocked in New Zealand. This is because too much violence and cruelty in the game. In addition to Postal, New Zealand also blocked Manhunts in the same way.

7. Manhunt 2

Manhunt was branded as the most sadistic games of all time. In this controversial game the player acts as a psychopath who finishes people in any way.

Worse yet, this game features realistic sadism. No wonder Manhunt is blocked in more than 10 countries such as Germany, America, Australia and Korea.

The final wordThose are some banned games that should not be played in some countries of the world. Do you have any other forbidden game recommendations? Do not forget to share in the comment field yes!

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