7 FPS Android Games The Best Zombie-themed 2017

7 FPS Android Games The Best Zombie-themed 2017

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FPS games (first person shooter) is a genre of games that many people like, whether on the desktop or mobile. FPS game itself has a variety of themes, one example is Zombie.

Many people love Zombie-themed Android FPS games because they can make their adrenaline rush into zombie attacks. In addition, zombie fps games will also train defenders with all the limitations of food, weapons to ammunition.

Want to know what are the best zombie FPS games in 2017 version of the Rat Way team? Here's the full review:

Android FPS Games Themed Best Zombie 2017

1. Zombie Reaper 3

The first is Zombie Reaper 3. 8Square Games made games suitable for you who love zombie-themed fps games. Here you will meet a variety of zombies that can attack you.

To beat him of course you have to shoot the zombie. Especially for Zombie boss, armor, blood up to their attacks will be bigger than ordinary zombies.

Download Link: Zombie Reaper 3

2. Zombie Assault: Sniper

Next up is Zombie Assault: Sniper. Although the title is a sniper, this zombie fps game does not always use snipers to kill zombies. Games made by FT Games has 16 weapons that can be selected, such as Crossbow, P90, Katana to Dragunov.

Download his game here: Zombie Assault: Sniper3. Zombie Objective

Next up is Zombie Objective. Game zombie fps Android made Killer Bean Studios offers a variety of interesting features for you to try, like 7 great locations, 7 gameplay modes, 12 types of zombies, modern weapons and much more.

Download his game here: Zombie Objective

4. Zombie Frontier 3 – Shoot Target

Next up is the Zombie Frontier 3-Shoot Target. FT Games became one of the game publishers who like to make Zombie-themed games on Android, one of them is Zombie Frontier 3 – Shoot Target.

This game offers pretty good 3D graphics with sound and music that can make you shiver. The wide range of gameplay modes and weapons on offer make it popular by many gamers.

Download his game here: Zombie Frontier 3 – Shoot Target

5. DEAD TARGET: Zombie

Last is DEAD TARGET: Zombie. Bergenre FPS, a game made by VNG GAME STUDIOS has a variety of excellent features that you will get, such as 3d graphics fine detail, realistic sound, weapons, quests, achievements and more.

Download the game here: DEAD TARGET: Zombie

6. Into The DeadInto the Dead is endless game runner that is endless. If you do not want to be killed by a zombie we must run to take a box containing guns and ammunition to use to kill the undead.

The points we get when successfully killing can be spent on upgrades and purchasing equipment and facilities like friend help, pet dog, and more.

Download his game here: Into The Dead

7. Unkilled

Unkilled is a multi-player Android zombie game genre First Person Shooter (FPS) made by Madfinger developer. In this game you are in the city of New York that has become the center of the zombie outbreak.

You will play an elite member, where there are 150 missions complete with thrilling stories. You will not only be facing the usual stumbling zombies, but the unique, ferocious and aggressive zombies, and the terrible zombie bosses you have to conquer.

Download the game here: Unkilled

The final word

That's the best zombie-themed FPS game on Android that you can play during 2017. If you have any other game recommendations, do not forget to share in the comment field. Have a nice play!

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