7 FPS Game Cooler than Call of Duty (CoD)

7 FPS Game Cooler than Call of Duty (CoD)

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One of the genres of gamers that are gamers are now FPS or Firts Person Shooter who always offer an exciting sensation of play. By taking the background of the first person, this will make you as full controller in the game and feel the real impression on the game you play.

Nowadays many FPS games with diverse backgrounds already exist, for example Call of Duty, an extremely popular FPS game on PC and console. By offering a realistic world-class war background, making Activision as a Call of Duty publisher capable of bewitching gamers with the game. But you know that there are still many FPS games that are not less cool with Call of Duty? Curious? Let's see 7 FPS games that are not less cool than Call of Duty.

7 FPS games that are not less cool than Call of Duty

1. Battlefield

Battlefield is an FPS game launched by EA for console and PC devices. With the theme of World War that most presented in each series, make Battlefield no less exciting to play. By emphasizing the features of multiplayer exprience and smooth graphics, will certainly make gamers feel at home to play this game for hours.

2. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

It is an FPS game that will take you to an unforgettable experience. With a complete and modren weapon plus a very real graphic, it will definitely make you addicted to playing this one game. Moreover, the cool and unique features, such as a sync shot that will make your entire team shoot enemies simultaneously.

3. Spec Ops: The Line

Game Spec Ops is a game that is not less cool with the game Call of Duty. With Dubai city setting drowned out by sandstorms, capable of making this game a high adrenaline arena for those of you who love going to be a thrilling adventure game.

4. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

In this one game you will be assigned as counter-terrorist Rainbow, who is in charge of finding bombs in the Vegas city installed by the terrorists. With the XP system applied and graphics that need not be doubted, this one game is perfect to accompany your free time.5. Homefront

Telling North Korea's controversial country into a superpower and colonizing USA, seems to present a unique and exciting storyline to be played by gamers. The game launched by THQ will take you as Robert Jacobs, who struggles against invaders to USA, are you interested in playing it?

6. Arma

Arma, a game that will take you to a real war atmosphere, with a storyline and graphics that are interesting for you to play. Even in the Arma 3 series, capable of presenting terrain (human) and the surrounding environment is so photorealistic, the gameplay and graphics of this game become real when you play.

7. Medal of Honor

Almost the same as Call of Duty, Medal of Honor game is almost in every series memertikan about the epic world war that happened. With graphics that are almost identical to Call of Duty, it seems that Medal of Honor is a big competitor to Call of Duty.

Well, that's 7 FPS games are no less cool than Call of Duty, are you interested to try to play it? Finally, do not forget to leave your opinion dikolom comment yes. May be useful!

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