7 Hazardous Goods When Disposed in Toilets

7 Hazardous Goods When Disposed in Toilets

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Vemale.com – Assume that the toilet becomes a dumpster that will bring the garbage to the final dump is wrong. Toilets are precisely important because the water discharged in them will affect the environment and the source of water in the soil.

Even if you throw away any junk product, you will never guess how much danger you are creating.

If you include people who used to throw cigarette butts, tissues, or other items into the toilet, read more of the following articles and change your bad habits.

Stuffed goods in the toilet:

Baby diapers

Throwing away a baby diaper will not only keep your drain clogged, but it can harm the entire sewer around you. In addition, the ingredients that make up baby diapers can not decompose easily in the sewer. Eventually it will accumulate and just become a plug.


Who threw condoms in the toilet? You need to know that condoms are made of latex material that will be toxic to water and plants.


It seems trivial, but this cotton when collected into one will make the sewer clogged and very difficult to overcome. It even needs a manual way of removing it first from the drains to help prevent clogging.

Medication expiredEven if it has expired, the drug should not be thrown indiscriminately to the toilet. It will melt there, dissolve in water and then enter into the infiltration water. Chemical effects also will not be lost lho /

Cigarette butt

Not only disgusting, but cigarette butts are full of toxins that are harmful to the body. Just like medicine, the chemicals can poison the absorbing water and cause the absorbing water pollution.


Any oil should not be thrown in the toilet, especially cooking oil that is used up. In some temperatures they will look like fluid, but you will not know how they then freeze and clog the drain pipe.

Animal waste

It does not seem like a big deal to waste animal dung there. But you should be aware that the bacteria contained there can stay in the toilet and infect humans if not cleaned with maximum.

How, still interested in making your toilet as a trash can? You should change the bad habit of taking out the garbage inside the toilet to prevent other problems.

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