7 Hectares of forest burned in Kampar, police

7 Hectares of forest burned in Kampar, police

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The joint TNI-Polri personnel and employees of PT Perawang Sukses Perkasa Industri (PSPI) conducted fire check checks in Sei Sarik Village area, Kampar Kiri sub-district, Kampar regency. The alleged forest is intentionally burned to open oil palm plantations.

Post Commander (Danpos) Kampar Kiri Serma AH Nasution explains Burning land is a forest and scrubland. A joint patrol led by Kampar Kiri Police Chief Kompol Jon Firdaus directly conducts on-site monitoring.

"The patrol team found a burnt area of ??about 7 hectares, but the fire was extinguished," said Serma AH Nasution to merdeka.com, Monday (3/7).

The landowner is known as Suyatno (60) a resident of Sei Sarik village who works as a farmer. Burned land has been cut by police and two pieces of burned wood are secured by local police officers as evidence. Currently in the process of investigation of Kampar Kiri Police.

In the burning field, the joint team also found a timber harvesting effort to clear the land. Apparently the land will be planted with oil palm. Because, in the forest area it appears most have been converted into a palm oil plantation.

According to Serma AH Nasution, after checking the fire location, it is known that the burned area is actually located on the border of Balung Village, Koto Kampar Subdistrict, which is directly adjacent to Dusun Bayan Sei Sarik Village Kampar Kiri Subdistrict, Kampar District.

"To reach the location of the fire is quite difficult, it can only be passed by foot, especially forests and bushes and hills that reach 1 kilometer high and quite steep," he said.

AH Nasution added that the extinguishing effort has been done with the help of two units of Air Force helicopters Lanud Rosemin Nurjadin Pekanbaru who do water bomb or water bomb repeatedly in the area burned until the fire goes out.

"The process of taking the water is done in Sei Sarik village, until now the fire on the land has been extinguished and leaving only a little puff of white smoke," he concluded. [and]

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