7 How To Save Money At Home

7 How To Save Money At Home

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Liputan6.com, Jakarta Management of household finances should be the main concern. It's not an easy thing to manage spending. If not clever to manage finances, all needs will be difficult to meet.

Household finances can become more extravagant. In fact, there are many simple ways to save on household expenses, but are often forgotten. Dinukil from Rumah.com, here are some tips you can do to save on spending at home.

Shopping at Traditional Markets

Change the habit of shopping for basic needs in the modern market by shopping in traditional markets. Prices of basic commodities, especially cooking materials, kitchen spices, and other household goods in traditional markets tend to be cheaper than in supermarkets or malls. If the routine is done to reduce household expenditure.

You just have to get used to market conditions that may be less convenient. But about the quality of goods is not much different, even for the ingredients are generally more fresh cuisine.

Plan a Monthly Monthly Shopping

Before monthly shopping, note in writing the main needs to be purchased. Separate into two parts, primary needs and secondary needs. When shopping you should be based on what has been written.

The budget should not exceed the planned. Using a written budget can minimize expenditures to spend items out of necessity.

Saving Electricity

The amount of electricity usage will greatly affect the monthly expenditure. Therefore, the only way is to save usage and usage. There are two ways to save electricity you can do, namely:

Using Energy Saver ProductsThere are so many products that are created with energy-saving advantages. Replace products at home using energy-efficient products such as fluorescent lamps or LED lamps that hold up to 25 times that of regular products. The product is more durable and energy efficient. By saving energy you can reduce the cost of spending on electricity.

Discipline Using Electricity

Get used to efficient use of electricity. Be aware that the items you use such as televisions, gadgets, laptops, microwaves, lights use electrical power.

Therefore, when it has been used, make it a habit to turn off or disconnect it with an electrical connection. At night make it a habit to release all the goods connected to the electricity then you save 5% of the expenses for electricity costs.

Fix Water Pipes and Faucets

Check and re-examine every faucet and drain in your home. In the event of a leak, make repairs immediately. Leakage of waterways, though small can be fatal if left unchecked.

In addition to enlarging water bills, water seepage can also damage the walls, wooden frames, or ceiling.

If possible, reset the water subscription package to reduce bloated bills. You should also more efficiently use the water at home.

Use Public Transport

Using private vehicles is more convenient. However, the costs incurred for maintenance, fuel, tolls, parking, would be much more expensive than if you use public transportation.

There are many transportation options such as motorcycle taxi, TransJakarta, bus, commuterline, you can choose according to the purpose and needs. Using public transportation will save you up to 25 percent!(Also see: Stay Saving Tricks in Apartments)

Create a Dining Menu for a Week

Habit is highly recommended. Arrange a meal plan for a week. By compiling a weekly menu list will help you control the purchase of groceries. Shopping is not excessive so it is not redundant.

Healthy lifestyle

Change the pattern of life for the better. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you will minimize the risk of illness. Thus the cost of spending on health can be reduced.

Reduce Hangout

Reduce habits of hanging out or coffee with friends. Occasionally it's okay, but not every day. Once hanging out maybe you can spend Rp 50,000 for one cup of coffee. Imagine if you hang out every day. You can spend more than Rp 1,000,000 for a monthly hangout fee. Honey, right? A month 2-3 times enough to hangout with friends.

Tips to save these expenses become mandatory applied, especially for those who are collecting a down payment to buy a home. After the deposit is collected, you can see the selection of his house for a price below Rp350 million here.

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