7 Mistakes While Playing MOBA Game Arena of Valor (AOV), KZL!

7 Mistakes While

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Arena of Valor (AOV) is as exciting as Mobile Legends. Especially after Batman, Super Hero DC like Superman and Wonder Woman has been confirmed to be present at AOV.

Well the name is also MOBA game, skill and teamwork is the key to victory. No matter what you are, if one AFK then you have finished your history. Hence, do not do the following error while playing MOBA AOV game.

MOBA Game of Valor (AOV) Game Mistakes

1. Choosing Hero Without Considering Composition

The first error in the AOV is choosing a hero without considering the composition. Actually win or lose can be seen when we choose hero.

If the composition of hero is just a mess, for example selfish no one chooses to play a role as a Tanker. The game is not going to be balanced, boro-boro win but cry.

2. Playing Too Relaxed

Arena of Valor (AOV) is a very competitive game. Do not be too relaxed, pity the other.

From the beginning the players must always move, kill the minions, kill the creeps in the forest, keep farming just to care about the build items only, and raise the level as fast as possible.

3. AFK or Leaving the Game

If longer busy in the real world, delay play his AOV game. Yes, AFK is a mistake when playing AOV.This game is not just yours guys, but there are ten people who play. In addition, leaving the game just like it will also receive sanctions.

4. Using Hero Not Controlled When Match

Can you buy or buy new heroes? Do not jump in the Match, but just practice in Quick Match.

If in AOV, it looks like your skill level in using the hero, such as beginner and intermediate, how many times match, and win ratio.

5. Not mixing Arcana

Merge Arcana is required to improve the ability of your favorite HOV AOV. Instead of collecting lots of gold to buy heroes, you better use gold to buy Arcana too.

There are three levels of Arcana available and buy Arcana level 3 or level 2. If it is maximal, when the team will surely fight you better, read Minerva build item.

6. Panic and Make a Wrong Mistake

Sometimes we find the opponent is really worth it, the game was running a lot. That's where a lot of players are starting to panic, not impatient, and make a mistake "change" that harms the team. Like going alone when it should be gathered and attacked together.

7. Removing Rough Words

MOBA game is a fun game. When a friend is playing badly, do not start saying noobs and other harsh words.It will not make the situation better and most importantly do not give up until the last tower is destroyed. Keep in mind, comeback is real.

If your team is lousy it means you're crummy too, because you're part of the team.

The final word

Well that's some mistakes while playing the game Arena of Valor (AOV). Although only a game, but do not take for granted.

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