7 Negative Impacts Of Night Cream Usage. Sure, Still Subscription

7 Negative Impacts

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Initially, we only know that night cream is a god who can beautify and remove acne scars in advance. But, not so you know

Night cream containing promoted chemicals can make your skin look perfect. Steroids, for example, are believed to make smooth and sleek faces quickly. Hydroquinone makes the face brighter while retinol acid to fight wrinkles. Many other substances contain substances that have a myriad of benefits for the skin. Cosmetics factory even intensively advertise night cream and affect consumers by exposing a number of goodness that will be exposed to the use of night cream on a regular basis.

Here's the fact of the real night cream

1. Instead of making your skin look cute, night cream instead makes it shriveled and thinning

Genetically some people do have hypersensitivity (easily allergic) to certain content in beauty products, including night cream. Skin thinning occurs until blood capillaries appear on the face. To cure it will take a long time and also patience.

2. Streaks that look like stretch marks, sometimes can burst

Stretchmarks not only appear after childbirth, but white lines that look very similar to stretch marks can also occur due to the use of night cream. Streaks that look like these stretch marks will also reduce your belief, let alone be seen clearly on the skin of the face. Hiiiiii

3. Your cheeks will also look red, not because of the effect of blush on but because of problems began to arise

The reddish tone on your cheeks arises from the dilation of blood vessel capillaries. It seems like the fine pink veins that are on the skin, instead of getting more beautiful but your face will look more and more strange. People will immediately know that your white skin is not genuine, but the result of the use of face cream.

4. Red spots like mosquito bites also appear on the face, then getting worse

The color is more sharp red than mosquito bites and from a distance may be even considered small pimples by others. His intention want to get a smooth skin with a brilliant cream night, your face even more unsightly.5. Intention to use night cream for ngilangin acne, but instead appear many times

If it's like this, then the night cream you wear does not match. Quickly replace, or consult a doctor!

Because the ingredients contained in the night cream do not fit on your skin, real acne actually appears more and more. There is also a saying that this skin disorder only resembles acne only and is not actually a pimple that usually appears on your face.

6. The growth of hairs on the skin can not be prevented, night cream makes it more dominate the face

The hairs will appear on your facial skin, one of the reasons may be that your skin is getting thinner so the hairs on your face will appear. Are you willing to appear feathers on your face and interfere with your appearance? If the night cream even make the trouble seems you have to start reducing, even leave it.

7. Be careful! Night cream can also cause skin inflammation around the mouth

If this one should be really careful, skin inflammation is not an easy skin problem solved. Especially if the inflammation happens around the mouth, you will need extra treatment and care on your skin afterwards.

You are not obliged to believe this article. But at least consider, that your facial skin also should not escape the guard

Approximately, this is a simple trick to make your night cream not cause a negative effect:

consult your doctor first. At least, you get to know what problems are on your face. For example; acne, dull skin, excessive blackheads or early wrinkles
to try out how much your allergy level is, try putting your night cream behind your ear first. If it feels hot or itchy, remove it and leave it immediately!
expensive is not a guarantee. Once matched with one night cream, you should not replace it with another
do not get your dependency! train your skin to be beautiful naturally without cream, but a healthy diet and living

The adverse effects of night cream are most often caused by the actual steroid content used for the treatment of rashes, eczema, and dermatitis. But that should be underlined is the use that should not be done in a long time, at most only 3 months.So far there is no research that really proves that night cream can give goodness to your skin. Besides the price is also quite expensive and drain your pocket right? Just be careful, Ma'am

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