7 Obama’s Message for Indonesia

7 Obama's Message for Indonesia

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Liputan6.com, Jakarta – 44th President of the United States Barack Obama gave his advice to Indonesia. The message he conveyed in the opening of the 4th Indonesian Diaspora Congress in Jakarta, on July 1, 2017.

There are 7 suggestions submitted by the Son of Menteng, according to the summary report Liputan6.com:

The first message, Obama called for the people of Indonesia, and the world, to avoid discrimination and religious segregation.

"We must avoid sectarian and religious discrimination and segregation," Barack Obama said.

About tolerance, Obama also called on all citizens of Indonesia, especially the younger generation, to act in order to maintain and care for Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.

The second suggestion, the former US president, told Indonesia to strengthen the pillars of democracy as a key to national unity.

"Indonesia is fortunate to defend its vast territory with democracy, unlike China."

Third, he also advised that Indonesia, and the world, prioritize the principle of gender justice.

"Indonesia should prioritize gender equality, treat women fairly, it makes Indonesia a good country model in the eyes of the world," said Michelle Obama's husband.

In addition, Obama also delivered a fourth message to Indonesia. The message is about a number of tips to achieve national stability.

"The government must work effectively, stop corruption, be lawful, strengthen the economy, empower the community, ensure welfare for children, youth and women, and respect the people." Politicians must also adopt healthy political competition, "Obama said. national stability for Indonesia.The fifth message, the former US president, urged Indonesia to continue to be committed in tackling global climate change phenomenon.

"I hope Indonesia continues to commit to do that, to curb climate change, Indonesia must learn from the mistakes of Western countries that fail to curb climate change and I hope Indonesia does not make the same mistakes," said the 'Menteng Child'.

"Indonesia must work quickly to overcome it (climate change) Jakarta, for example, has now applied mass transportation to suppress the use of private vehicles, which can contribute to excessive emissions of gas.Change climate is like taking care of the body.Have to be diligent and consistent, "Obama explains.

Sixth, Obama gave a message that Indonesia can be self-sufficient to make changes to a better direction.

"Indonesia must struggle to transform itself for the future, the US can help, but for a country to change, they have to fight for themselves," the former US president said.

"No matter how big the country is, look like the case in Brazil, for example, which is newly hit by corruption, if the aspects are not met, the state will not succeed," he explained.

Lastly, Obama delivered a special message to every Indonesian citizen and diaspora who has been accustomed to doing good.

"Do not do it just once, do it over and over again," Obama said.

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