7 Open-World Games with Widest Map that Mandatory Gamers Play

7 Open-World Games with Widest Map that Mandatory Gamers Play

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Open-world seems to be one of the most favored genres by gamers around the world. Why? Freedom of exploration in the vast world while performing various activities in it becomes the main attraction for open-world games. In fact, the average GOTY or Game Of The Year winner each year comes from open-world background games.

As the name implies, open-world of course offers an extensive map with a myriad of activities that can be done in it. Some open-world games even have a super wide map, to the point it takes hours or days to explore every corner. Therefore, this time Jaka will share information about 7 open-world games with the widest map. Cekidot!

7 Open-World Game With The Widest Map You Should Play!

1. Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 is the 3rd series of Just Cause franchise developed by Avalanche Studios. This game is an open-world game with a strong sense of action in it. Square Enix's gigantic game, also has a super wide map. If calculated, the map on Just Cause 3 has an area of ??about 1,000 sq km.

Keep in mind if most of the Medici Mediterranean area is a vast sea, but the fact that this game does not require loading to go to every area, is impressive. It is estimated that it takes about 8 hours to explore every inch of Medici's Mediterranean mainland.

2. Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ubisfot seems to have succeeded in making Ghost Recon Wildlands to perform as a stunning open-world game. Not only a myriad of missions and activities that can be done, the area in this game is also very massive.

Each edge of the area in Bolivia in this game, estimated to have a size of about 21 km. If totaled overall, it is predicted that the entire area of ??the game will reach around 440 sq km.

3. Grand Theft Auto V

The existence of Grand Theft Auto in the game world is no doubt. The game is famous for the super-wide world has now reached the 5th series, namely GTA V released in 2013 yesterday.As if following the tradition, every new series of GTAs always offers an expanded folder. The proof, GTA V became the largest open-world game from Rockstar with an area of ??about 81 sq. Km.

4. Xenoblade Chronicle X

Many say if the limited performance of the Wii U impact on games that will be released on the console. However, Xenoblade Chronicle X seems to deny everything.

Game ARPG genre is wrapped with the world open-world offers a new flavor in the Wii U game world, which is incredibly wide map. Although most of the area in this game contains land that is barren and has no life, the fact is the total area of ??the game is about 400 km persgi.

5. Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag

Franchise Assassin's Creed is known as an action adventure game that offers a very large and large map. Well, in the Black Flag series, Ubisoft created the Caribbean Ocean area very well.

True indeed, if the map on Black Flag is mostly dominated by the oceans. However, the number of islands that many in it, at least able to take time tens of hours if you want to explore everything. Moreover, cities like Kingston and Havanna are pretty crowded downtown to explore. It is estimated, this game has an area of ??about 87 sq. Km.

6. Legend Of Zelda Breath Of Wild

The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of Wild is the only game of the Zelda franchise that has the widest area as well as the open-world genre in it. This game reaps a lot of positive reviews from critics and fans.

The area offered is quite wide so it can be juxtaposed with other open-world games such as The Witcher or Elder Scroll. One Reddit user named CrystalVivian notes if this game has an area of ??about 72 sq. Km. That does not include other areas that can not be explored or not-playable.

7. The Witcher 3 – Wild HuntNot only broad, The Witcher also has easy activities and content that can be done in it, such as side missions, contracts, major missions, to new expansions that contain areas and lots of new content. Takes about 150-200 hours to complete everything.

CD Projekt RED once said if The Witcher 3 has a folder size of 139 sq. Km. However, the size includes areas that can not be entered or played. One of the Reddit users is m051293, noting that The Wither has an area of ??about 55 km peregi.

It was 7 open world games with the widest map in the video game industry. With such an area, it would take hours to finish everything. Of the 7 games above, which ones are included in your favorites? Write in comment field yes!

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