7 Popular Movie Cartoon Scenes that Turned Inside Other Countries. Check Deh Differences Equal Original Version

7 Popular Movie Cartoon Scenes that Turned Inside Other Countries. Check Deh Differences Equal Original Version

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Who says to make a movie easy? For those of us who can only enjoy the results of course, it may rarely cross our brain how exactly a movie can be created. Film is not just about recording the scene of the actor or actress and then aired in front of the audience. Behind it all there is a myriad of processes that have been passed by the crew of filmmakers. Especially if the work is a cartoon or animated film. Although indeed every movie, regardless of its type and genre, has its own level of difficulty, but the point is not making the film a short process. Moreover, every detail must be considered.

Well for the size of the film with the global market, it is not just aja lho language that must be adjusted in each country. As reported by Brightside, these 7 popular cartoons can answer your curiosity about what parts of the film are altered and adapted to the audience in each country. Let's see reviews of Hipwee News & Feature this time!

1. For you fans of Inside Out movie, pay attention when the little Riley figure refused to eat broccoli. Apparently in Japan broccoli changed so pieces of peppers!

This is because almost everyone in Japan loves broccoli. Of course aja rejection of broccoli made Riley would be strange if aired there.

2. Still in the movie Inside Out. In the US, TVs during the scene when Riley's father daydreams show a hockey match. While in many other countries the game is football

3. In the movie Monster University, there is a scene when the character Randall make cupcakes with the words Be My Pal on it

But in some other countries the ornament was changed the smile symbol to facilitate the understanding of the audience

4. Still in the same cupcakes but different scene. When Randall's face was filled with cake, the writing on it was Lame. Because the word is feared will change the original meaning

5. Not only that. Scare Games writing in the scene when the animated figures gathered, it turns out in the country outside the US replaced the image

The point is that the audience is not confused to translate

6. Film Up US and international version was also no differentIf you notice, a clear jar bearing Paradise Falls is replaced with a scene picture. This is done so that the audience does not fail to understand

7. The American flag in the movie Toy Story behind the Buzz Lightyear figure when berorasi replaced the globe image

Likewise the music that accompanies it. In the original version they used the US national song. But the international version uses the music of One World Anthem

8. Plane film that tells the airplanes turned out to have a main character is different, depending on the country that aired it

In the United States name is Rochelle, he is a female plane from Canada. In Brazil the name is Carolina; Russia, Tanya; Germany, Heidi, and others. The eleventh version has its own color.

9. In the movie Wreck-It Ralph there is a character named Minty Zaki. The name was inspired by the name of the famous Japanese animator, Hayao Miyazaki

But in Japan the character's name was changed to Minty Sakura and his appearance was deliberately made exactly like Miyazaki

10. Zootopia fans must remember the scene where two presenter animals are bringing news on TV. It turns out one of the animals are male sex of different types in each country you know

In the US, France, and Canada he is a deer. In China is a panda. Australia and New Zealand, koalas. In raccoon Japan and in Brazil jaguar. These animals are deliberately chosen because it is known as the original animals of their respective countries.

Well maybe most of us are not aware of these differences because often just watch one version aja. Apparently quite a lot of animated movies that must be adapted to the culture or demand of certain countries. But I do not think there is a foreign animated film version of Indonesia. Kayak scene bearer of many countries made a version of each country in the movie Zootopia, can be yes if the version that aired in Indonesia replaced Komodo or other native archipelago animals. All for the promotion of Indonesia's flora and fauna wealth so.

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