7 Powerful Owner of Homemade Hair Masks Make Your Hair Healthy and Shining

7 Powerful Owner of Homemade Hair Masks Make Your Hair Healthy and Shining

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If you are the type of person who is painstaking and likes healthy ways to take care of your body, this article seems suitable for a reference material. Because in truth, treating the limbs it must be total and continue, from head to toe should you care for your future assets are maintained.

Not merely aim for beautiful, handsome or perfect look. Caring for the body also makes you a disciplined person and knows the importance of health. Well, this time Hipwee will give a little tips to make your own hair mask, of course from the ingredients are healthy and cheap yes. Guys who feel have a hair problem, may really read this article.

1. Salon-shiny hair is not impossible anymore you get. Natural mask with apple vinegar can be an option.

During this time you have problems with dull and damaged hair? Do not worry anymore, a natural mask of apple vinegar can help you. Prepare these ingredients first:

empty jar (empty glass clean)
3 tbsp coconut oil
170 grams of honey
25 ml of apple vinegar

Here are the steps to make your apple vinegar mask:

put 25 ml of apple vinegar in a jar
add 170 grams of honey, mix well
put 3 tbsp coconut oil on a mixture of honey and apple vinegar.
after all ingredients come in, cover the jar and wiggle until the liquid changes color
put the jar into the microwave for 30 seconds to mix it perfectly with honey and apple vinegar
voila! so deh your apple vinegar mask

You can wear this mask after shampooing as usual then rinse with water until clean. Use 2 times a week for maximum yes!

2. Eggs and yoghurt are not just delicious to eat, mixing them as a mask, can produce strong hair your dream!

Who does not know if the protein content in the egg is healthy for the body? Well, as well as make our hair, you know. Combine 2 grains and 2 spoonfuls of yoghurt in a bowl and mix well. Use after shampooing for 20 minutes, then rinse. Do not forget to use it regularly. Have strong and healthy hair is not just a dream deh

3. Try also a natural hair mask from aloe vera which is very easy to make this.Yuk creambath ala salon with natural hair mask from aloe vera, guys! To get started, prepare these ingredients:

three fresh aloe vera
vitamin ready-to-wear hair
1 piece of spoon
1 empty container, clean

How to make :

split aloe vera until it looks flesh
dredge of aloe vera meat
mix aloe vera with five drops of your hair vitamins. Stir well
save the mask mixture in the refrigerator. Use when the dough has thickened.

After shampooing, aloe vera hair mask you can use. Massage also for 5-15 minutes, then wrap the hair with a hot towel and let stand for 10-15 minutes, rinse. It's easy, right?

4. Make your own deep conditioner with coconut milk to keep your hair free of dandruff.

Sebel same hair dandruff because it makes itchy and uncomfortable. Iuh! Make a mask from santa coconut aja deh let your hair dandruff on ngacir. Prepare these ingredients first:

1/4 cup coconut milk
2 tsp honey
1 vitamin E capsule
2 drops of rose water and glycerine

Simply mix all the ingredients above and apply on the hair is clean, cover with shower cap for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water, dandruff soft soft hair ready to pamper you!

5. Do you really bother with oily hair? Overcome it with a natural mask of lemon and yogurt this.

Without the hassle, just prepare these ingredients:5 tablespoons yoghurt
1 tbsp baking soda
1 tbsp lemon juice

Simply mix all the ingredients in a clean container, massage into the hair and let stand for 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly. For maximum, use once a week yes!

6. Dry hair is also not less nyebelinnya! If you do not want to ribet to the salon, take advantage of avocado as a natural mask.

Avocado is a fruit rich in vitamin E and very good for your skin and hair. No wonder the price of avocado is quite expensive compared to other fruits. And you know if you can also make a natural mask for your hair with avocado only? Hmm .. this step by step ya nih:

prepare 1 ripe and fresh avocado
dredge the flesh, throw away the bikinya
by hand, gently massage the meat of the fruit into your hair
let stand for 20 minutes, rinse with conditioner or warm water.

Well, it's easy to make dry hair so just moist with avocado fruit

7. Have fragrant and moist hair all day who does not want it? The mixture of honey, yogurt and almond oil is the answer.

Scented hair, healthy and moist throughout the day is everyone's dream. If you include so do not you? If so, try deh use your weekend for maskeran with a mixture of honey, yoghurt and almond oil.

Just mix the three ingredients, mix well and massage into the hair and let stand 10 minutes after shampooing. Rinse clean and do this ritual once a week to keep your hair fragrant and healthy throughout the day.

So, still lazy for ngerawat hair if it turns out there are natural masks that are super cheap and easy this?

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