7 Reasons to Not Find a Job

7 Reasons to Not Find a Job

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In this century, the stereotype that a scholar should immediately seek employment is commonplace. However, the general thing is not necessarily the best. In fact, a critical person will find that finding a job is the dumbest thing to live for. There is a more human way than selling your time to others.

Here are 8 reasons for not looking for work.

1. The salary is lousy

Of course mendaptkan money should work. Do not expect to get easy money without difficulty! This is absolutely true, but if you expect the money to come from paychecks, prepare to go to great lengths for the rest of your life. The problem of finding a job is you get paid to work. See how wasted it is? You invest all your time to raise the salary or the same luck, promotion. Would not you be able to invest some time into something better? How about making your own money machine, is it possible? Of course not, the government will do everything possible to prevent you from bankrupting the country. The alternative is to build the same system as the money machine, where you work to build the system, which will make money. Let's take the concept of the industrial revolution, where technological advances make farmers an asset to entrepreneurs. CEOs educate people to work in factories that will make money for them. If you are given a choice, which one is better? Of those who build assets. But does not it need capital? Indeed, if you're a generation with Max Webber. This is the 21st century. Technological advances do not need your capital anymore, all it takes is intention and creativity. You can build assets through websites, mlm, products, or anything else you have not thought of. When you at school say your goal is to be a blogger, all the teachers will laugh and tell you to think about bigger goals. Precisely now things are underestimated the most likely, especially when the little thing that has the potential to become a system. As Shiv Khera says, big people do not do great things, but do small things big.

2. Locked in a cage

Working for others like entering a cage and locking yourself. What do you expect, freedom? Do not expect. Freedom is expensive. Salary raise? That's their business. So what do you get? Of course hard work in the hope of mercy. Do I have a chance to do my hobby? Yes, sometime. How about time with family? Next time, you should be overtime. What if I get bored? Relax, we will give 1 day off every month.

3. Too much distribution of rations

Anything more annoying than paying taxes? That is paying taxes of others. Who determines your salary, the company is not it? Some taxes are what you pay directly, but some of you receive in the form of a paycheck. From a worker's point of view, they will not mind paying taxes on their salary that has subsidized company owners and investors, even including building tax from the room they use. Of course do not mind, as long as the info is not attached in the envelope. Maybe your salary should be threefold, who knows? Continue if you want what? Companies are not your owner, so just follow the rules that apply. Doing a useless demo maybe?

4. More risky

Only the apatists who say work for others are safe. What happens when inflation and the company incur losses? There will be a lot of workers queuing up in the manager's room to get a life motivation. Perhaps the next manager is the one who gets the motivation. How can you say it's safe if you do not have a glass ball to forecast the future of the economy? When the economic crisis, you just wait for the domino line to fall. What can be said from these 2 months' statistics of job losses that have reached 53,000? Maybe the employee should get a professional gambler title.

5. Having a boss is a bitchWhen you become an entrepreneur, you will hold the helm and become your own boss. Meanwhile, when you pass the job interview, getting a boss that sucks will add to the burden of your life. If you do not like to be ordered, why choose to have a boss? Be a leader for yourself rather than spending time worrying about the boss's mood.

6. Restricted financial resources

You are an employee and want a holiday but do not have enough money. Of course the solution is saving. You have a business and do not have enough money? A thousand ways you can do. As employees we can only work optimally while expecting the attention of the upper classes, whose views are also relative to many factors and conditions. Another when you are an entrepreneur. Reading opportunities is a skill that can be trained to increase your income, and the way is unlimited.

7. Work experience?

Work experience is indispensable, but it depends on what kind of experience is sought. Many people are looking for internships to be easy to adjust to work, and it's just a waste of time. The best science that can be drawn from the apprentice is, learn the company's system. How to survive, connection relationships, management strategies, and all things related to the company's journey, instead of focusing on specific field work. Why? Because ultimately building something big will be more productive than doing something big.

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