7 Simple Habits to Save the Planet

7 Simple Habits to Save the Planet

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The issue of Global Warming has become a very popular phrase in recent years. Maybe we too tired of hearing it. Not only the issue, the effect is already more clear we feel.

Sea level rise due to melting ice in the North and South Poles. Not to mention, extreme weather changes are not unusual anymore if it happens in the community. How do we cope? Are we just going to stay silent watching the earth where we live 'suffer'?

Here are simple ways that we can take part to save our earth.

1. Reduce the use of plastic when shopping.

One of the simplest ways to reduce the effects of global warming is to reduce the plastic waste that you produce everyday. Plastic waste that accumulate is very difficult to decompose, it takes 10-20 years to decompose plastic waste naturally.

If you shop into a mini market, just to buy snacks or drinks, you can refuse to use plastic bags to wrap your groceries. You can put your groceries in your bag, or just take them with your hand.

Although it is very simple, if everyone is accustomed to doing this, it has great effect to reduce the accumulated plastic waste.

2. Provide a dumpster in your vehicle.

Also have a small trash can in your car. This will greatly reduce the temptation to dump garbage on the streets. In addition, your vehicle will look more neat and clean with no garbage scattered everywhere.

One city that has been expressly urge its citizens to provide a trash can in the car is the city of Bandung. Mayor of Bandung, Kang Emil, proclaimed this regulation in the city of Bandung with the aim to keep the city of Bandung remain clean, apalahi weekend, when many vehicles are crowded into the city.

In fact, in order to reinforce this regulation, the local government of Bandung City also impose penalties for vehicles that do not provide a trash can in the vehicle.3. Pocket your garbage.

When you ride a motorcycle and are faced with a very long red light, the usual thing is to get your baby out of your bag or pocket. However, the candy wrap you produce is often, consciously or unconsciously, you just throw it on the road.

This act also took part in the contamination of the face of your town because of the scattered waste just on the streets. To fix this, you can just pocket the garbage wrap that you produce, and if you've found the trash, you just throw it away.

So also with you who walk or ride public transport, sebaikanya do not throw garbage in the vehicle that you are riding. In addition to disturbing the comfort together, if the vehicle manager is not concerned with cleanliness, he could have cleaned his vehicle, but threw it into the street.

4. Do not let the tap open when you brush your teeth / wash.

Close your tap while you're brushing your teeth, or when you're lathering your hands or your face. According to wikipedia.com, although water covers 70% of the earth's surface with an amount of approximately 1.4 thousand million cubic kilometers, but only a fraction of this amount can actually be utilized, which is approximately only 0.003%.

Most of the water, about 97%, is in the ocean or ocean, and its salinity is too high for most purposes. Of the remaining 3%, almost all of them, about 87 percent, are stored in polar layers or very deep underground.

When you scatter the water you get, your friends in the next town can not cultivate the farm because the soil is too dry and the water is very little flowing. Even in the other half of the world you are trampling now, thousands of people die of thirst without water to just wet

5. Turn off the electronic device when not in use.

Do not forget to always turn off electronic devices when not needed. Turn off the guestroom or kitchen lights when night comes, and turn off the porch lights as the morning is up. Get used to turn off the air conditioner in the morning, when the air is cool and cold.

Do not let the TV on when you're busy playing with your phone or laptop. The simple things you do will have a great effect if you start to make it a habit.6. Walking to save fuel.

By getting used to walking to achieve your goal can reduce the effects of global warming. Get used to walking to the minimarket not far from your house, or to the mosque at the end of your home complex.

Invite also your friends, or your family to walk together. You can be healthier by practicing this habit, not to mention you are also a hero of change-bearers to make the world a better place

7. Use all of your pages.

Have you ever been asked by your teacher or teacher to do paperwork? Usually you will take the paper from the middle page of your notebook, and you will get 2 pieces together. However, often the task is not too much to fill every sheet of paper you take, and you only use the first sheet. You will leave another page blank and collect it immediately.

What about the other side of the blank sheets? It may be that sheets are stacked in your teacher's or teacher's closet after inspection, and you'll pull out another piece of paper in your book when you're going to do another task.

From now on, make it a habit to wear every piece of paper you take. If you only use the first sheet, you can tear the paper into 2 parts, and just collect the sheet of paper filled with your answer, while another piece of sheet you can use to do your other task

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