7 Simple Habits You Can Make a Habit to Save the Earth (Part 2)

7 Simple Habits You Can Make a Habit to Save the Earth (Part 2)

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As young people, we have to get used to things that are good for our future, which we will later descend to our children and grandchildren. Not to mention, the age of the earth is getting older, and we all, without exception, have to intervene to start caring and saving our earth. These are seven (again) simple habits that if you do constantly, will have a great impact on the preservation of nature and the environment on our earth.

1. From now on, bring your own drink bottle. In addition to more efficient, you do not easily thirst and reduce the amount of waste plastic mineral water.

By bringing your own drink bottles everywhere, you do not have to buy bottled water when you feel thirsty on the street, at school, on campus, while exercising, or wherever. You can also reduce your bottle or container bottles.

In addition, by bringing your own drink bottles, you will also avoid the temptation to buy drinks on the street so that you will be more fresh and healthy.

2. You simply buy refill packaging for your every need. Starting from liquid soap, shampoo, to ballpoint.

Lots of household necessities that now provide refill packaging. Starting from dish soap, floor cleaner, liquid soap for bath, shampoo, up to the ballpoint that we use everyday to write. By purchasing refill packs and filling them into bottles or places we already have, it will reduce the amount of waste every day.

3. Spend food on your plate.

Have you ever gone to a restaurant or a food stall, then saw other people's leftovers on the plate, but left behind? Because the rest of the food we leave on the plate will not be utilized by others, but can only be discarded, you should spend your food that you ordered.

If you feel you can not finish a portion of rice, you can order half of it. If you will not eat cabbage fry as you go to the pecel cat shop, tell the merchant he will not have to prepare it. Get used to leaving your dinner plate on the table with slippery conditions without the rest (unless there is a bone or thorn that you can not eat).

4. Do not throw garbage in plant pots

Landscape like the picture above, surely you often see. People are sometimes too indifferent to the beauty of the environment and only think of its own convenience. Trashes such as cigarette butts, plastic beverages, food packaging, etc. are of no use at all for the growth of the plant.Throw garbage in the proper place!

5. Do not burn garbage for better air quality inhaled.

Do you know that burning garbage can leave a very dangerous consequence for humans? Short-term effects, the smell of burning from the waste will spread everywhere and will leave a bad odor.

Long-term effects when you inhale the burning smoke, you can get lung disease from unburned waste particles that fly and enter the lungs. Your lungs will be scratched and in a lot of frequency, your lungs will be damaged. Longer-term effects, the waste-burning smoke will pollute the air.

Imagine if every family is processing waste by burning it? What will our earth be ten years into the future?

6. Turn off the AC, just when the function is not needed.

Air Conditioner – or what we often call AC, not only keeps the room temperature cool. Air conditioning can also maintain air quality until we avoid the disease. The use of air conditioning has also not become a luxury. Almost every school, office, or mall already uses this technology. However, some types of AC still use freon or CFC which can cause ozone layer depletion.

So, if you're going to leave the room air-conditioned and there's no one else in it, you can take the time to turn off the AC. In addition to saving electricity, we can also help reduce the effects of global warming.

7. Bike to work. Bike to school. Bike to market. Bike to everywhere.

Cycling in addition to make your body added okay, by getting used to routinely use the bike as a means of transportation can also make you a rescue agent of the earth. In addition, you can reduce and avoid congestion that often interrupts your journey. Survey says, with regular exercise like cycling, can make you 30% happier.

So many benefits?The above things may seem trivial. Maybe you think, "Ah, do not throw garbage carelessly. Eits! Wait a minute. Once you think like that, you will get used to littering, and eventually become a bad habit that you do not even realize.

So, let's start from now we become agents of change. Change from us first and continue to spread it around us. For the better world!

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