7 Statement Donald Trump calls global warming just a ‘hoax’!

7 Statement Donald Trump calls global warming just a 'hoax'!

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Being a world issue and impacts are emerging, it turns out that the US Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, does not believe in global warming that threatens the Earth where we live. Calling it a costly hoax, Donald Trump often even expressed his opinion to stop believing in global warming.

Though this decade is the hottest decade of all time, with high temperatures, thinning atmosphere and rising sea levels from year to year. Even a lot of endangered animals threatened to extinction as well as already extinct have been caused by global warming.

The most ridiculous, Donald Trump considers that global warming is just a conspiracy theory done by and for China, so that they are not lost in various industries from the United States.

With that view, certainly his candidacy as one of the strongest people on Earth will threaten the safety of the environment. People began to ask a question: does Donald Trump not believe in science?

Here are 11 Donald Trump statements that show themselves 'anti' against the issue of global warming.

1. Donald Trump's statement on climate change in December 2015

Interviewed by Bill O'Reilly on Fox News, Donald Trump called Obama's visit to Paris for the UN Global Warming Conference, was 'ridiculous'. He thinks a lot more important things to do, such as eradicate ISIS.

Asked about the policies the government must make regarding climate change, Donald Trump says climate change is a 'normal' thing. According to him, the rise and fall of Earth's temperature has been going on for millions of years. He even claimed to have a lot of environmental awards, just by believing in the cleanliness of the water and the cleanliness of the air. Plus, global warming is considered a 'fraud' to trap a lot of money.

Donald Trump also does not seem to want to make a policy on the allocation of funds for alternative energy, because it is not profitable in the short term. This will certainly make non-renewable resources exploited more severely.

2. Donald Trump's statement on global warming in July 2016

On Fox News, again Donald Trump makes a statement that he does not believe in climate change, and environmental issues can only be done with just water and clean air. The presidential candidate also affirmed that global warming is a hoax, calling 'scientists in Europe also have similar thoughts, and even laugh at it'.Donald Trump does not even believe that global warming has a big impact. He mentioned that human activity in destroying the environment and the intensity of sunlight has a 'small impact' and not at all like many people talk about.

3. Tweet on December 6, 2013

Donald Trump in his citation states that "We should focus on water and air cleanliness and not be distracted by the expensive hoaxes of global warming."

4. Tweet on December 6, 2013

Donald Trump states that "The ice storm is moving from Texas to Tennessee, I'm in Los Angeles and it's cold here, global warming is a very expensive total hoax." Basically Donald Trump considers 'cold air' because the seasonal weather indicates that global warming is not there.

5. Tweet on January 26, 2014

Donald Trump said in a commentary that "NBC News just announced that this is the coldest weather in the last few years.Is our country still spending money on global warming hoaxes?" Again, Trump ignores global warming just because he is feeling cold, in winter.

6. Tweet dated January 27, 2014

Donald Trump in his citation states that "Everyone is exploited by global warming hoax makers to pay higher taxes under the guise of saving our planet." Donald Trump considers global warming a fraud scheme by raising taxes.

7. Tweet dated January 29, 2014

Donald Trump said in his citation that "The weather is very cold for a long time, so the 'hoax makers' of global warming change its name to climate change to keep the money flowing." Yep, back Donald Trump considers heating is a scam scheme under the guise of the environment. [idc]

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