7 Steps To Cut Down a Mustache and a Forest That’s Already Forest

7 Steps To Cut Down a Mustache and a Forest That's Already Forest

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Fortunately we are born as men, the article we have been endowed with a very practical life by the Creator. Unlike the girls who have to use five different types of makeup to dress her face, we as a guy at most only need one or two products to make our face look neat one of them yes razor blades! So simple and easy weapons are used, not infrequently we so menggampangkannya. To shave a mustache and a beard that is bushy sometimes we forget.

Well, because we care about your appearance, this article will discuss tips and tricks to shave a jambang which is as thick as Kalimantan forest. Especially for those of you who deliberately cultivate bearded to cover the neck, and now want to prune the razor with a knife the refill alone will not be able to finish your berewok.

Rather than shaving carelessly and become disappointing, consider the following tips and tricks.

1. Before you shave off a heavy jambang, take a shower or wash your face with warm water is a good start.

Why should you wash your skin with warm water? Because the warm water will make the pores in your face relax, and make your skin becomes more flexible. After that, smear the conditioner on your blouse to make it soft and not stiff. Let stand a few minutes, then rinse with clean water.

2. Your forest-like jungle should be kept soft and supple. For that, combine coconut oil, canola, or olives.

After coming out of the bathroom, the skin under your jambang will be soft and supple. Treatment with oil is intended to lock the moisture. In addition, the oil helps lubricate the blades as it travels across the contours of your face, reducing nicks and irritation.

3. Any brand and type of knife you use, make sure it is always sharp.

Do not put on a three-month-old razor. Because the knife can not be as sharp as a product that has never been used. No wonder fitting when used again, instead of a smooth face nan neatly obtained, even full face wound razor cut with a little hair that still sticking irregularly.

For that, from now on, it is mandatory for you to change your razor maximally once a month. But if you use a straight razor like the picture above, you do not need to bother to replace it. Because straight razor is already designed in such a way as to be durable and durable.

4. Start your shaving ritual starting from the places where hair grows. Do not shave at once cut your jambang with short movements.Many men including me, who make the common mistake of shaving a beard in one fell swoop. In fact, short movements will allow you to control the razor. This can also be done to minimize irritation or small incision wounds.

The most common thing is usually shave the jambang from top to bottom. Not the opposite! If you shave from the bottom up, then get ready just your pores will open wider, and not infrequently cause irritation.

6. Immediately after shaving, rinse your face with cold water. This will close the pores and tighten your face back.

Clean all the cream or oil left on your face. Cold water will close your pores, and will tighten your face, which was previously supple by hot water. To make sure your face is completely clean of oil, there's no harm in wiping the toner on your face with cotton. But remember, do not use that contain alcohol because this will cause your skin is freshly shaved feels sore.

7. Your face can feel dry and rough after a ritual of shaving jambang. If you have a moisturizer, immediately apply.

The last step that needs to be done is wipe the moisturizer to your face so that you get back your soft face. In order for your skin to feel comfortable, use a lotion, gel, or aftershave powder that serves to flex back your stiff face.

This is the last step of the sideburn ritual. After this, you can also freely pitch out of the house with a more necis look. No need to be shy again take your gebetanmu out on a Saturday night. More embarrassed because the hair on the chin grows wild like forest leaves!

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