7 Steps to keep water clean

7 Steps to keep water clean

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Today the whole world celebrates the world water day. Water is very meritorious and a source of human life. We can not live without water. So whether we have treated the water well? Here are eight easy ways to keep water clean, dilansir national geographic.

1. Recycle used goods
Non-recyclable items are often discharged into water such as rivers or seas. Suppose you throw a cigarette butt carelessly. It has a bad effect on water and soil. Therefore recycle your used materials. In addition to saving costs, you also do not pollute the environment is not it?

2. Minimize the use of chemicals
Eliminating or minimizing the use of chemicals is a great way to protect global waters. When chemicals dissolve into water, they can destroy the ecosystem. Chemical substances that exist in water can destroy algae which is food plankton.

3. Dispose of chemicals correctly
Dangerous materials such as paint, motor oil and chemicals properly. Do not waste in the river that can contaminate water and people's lives. There are still many living things that depend on their lives from the river.

4. Reduce water usage
Reduce your water usage to keep the water supply clean. Irresponsible water use can cause drought. Do not take too long and turn off the faucet after you have finished bathing. When cleaning the car, you should use a bucket to fill the water. The use of water will be more wasteful when you use the hose, because you can not limit the use of water.

5. Maintain the environment
Clean up garbage along rivers, beaches, or along city streets or highways. If you have children, use this opportunity to teach them how waste can pollute the environment. This habit will have a long-term impact on the cleanliness of the water.

6. Planting trees
Forests along the waterway also act as filters, so preserving or planting trees along rivers and streams can also help to keep the waterways clean. Green plants play a role in preventing air, soil and water pollution.

7. Conducting counseling
Until now, there are still many people who have not realized the importance of maintaining water. If you have any knowledge of how to maintain water cleanliness, you should share that knowledge with other communities. In order for them to have an awareness of the importance of water in life. You can also invite the community to work to clean the environment together.

In this world water day, have you been keeping the water well? If not, immediately do the way he bags to help preserve the existence of clean water. [vic]

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