7 The Inevitable Reasons Why Geological Engineering Students Are The Complete Boyfriend

7 The Inevitable Reasons Why Geological Engineering Students Are The Complete Boyfriend

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Already many articles from Hipwee that discuss about the reasons dating with students of certain majors can be very fun. No doubt, there will be advantages and benefits that you can get when you are dating a certain child, certain majors, not with the exception of Geology Engineering students.

Many interesting things that you will get when you are dating Geology Engineering students or other majors such as Geography and Geophysics students. Here I try to describe those reasons based on personal experience because I am also a student of Geological Engineering, hehehe. Immediately simaka aja yuk!

1. With him, you need not be afraid of losing direction and getting lost. He is a companion who can always guide you in the right direction.

Navigation is a daily diet for students of Geological Engineering. He used to be forged to recognize terrain such as roads, rivers, hills without the use of aid tools though. Her sensitivity to recognize the terrain was trained when she was conducting a field course.

So, do not be afraid if traveling or blusukan with children majoring in Geological Engineering. Before traveling with him, he will automatically learn the area. How the area, going through which way, how much distance and travel time to the destination and so forth.

This is one of the definite habits made before the field. Or even sometimes he deliberately invites you both to get lost in a certain area, with the intention to show hidden hidden paradise that is not yet known by the general public, fun right ?.

Some students of Geology Engineering even have a personal GPS that is connected to direct satellite, so when you stray in the area that no signal, then you do not need to worry, because he already brought the instrument from the gods of the earth can be questioned, we are now where ? Hehehe

2. He is a great traveling companion. Not just a walk, but you also can a lot of new knowledge about nature during the trip.

Not just a selfie or grouvie ria aja kalo you and he again traveling to natural attractions. But he will also be able to tell tales and share his knowledge to you about the origins of the formation of natural attractions. From why on the island of Java many volcanoes while in Borneo there is no mountain, why are there hills that have a variety of shapes, to why there is a tsunami and earthquake he would be fun to tell it to you.

These are the things that Geology Engineering students learned during their years of college. So it is not a difficult case anymore for him to explain the origin of the formation of an area until the earth itself. Your traveling event is guaranteed not to be crisp deh if same with him. There will be a nice chat when you walk with him.

Earth wrote the extent of this mercy aja dipelajarin him, especially you?3. Geological Engineering Students understand all kinds of rocks that exist on this earth. If you want to buy agate, he could be your consultant.

When agate again booming in this country, far before he has recognized all the types of rocks that make up this earth. It is not enough just to recognize, but he also knows the story behind the natural rock that only earthly people can read, including himself. Pokonya, Son of Geological Engineering is an expert rocks deh!

So when you want to buy agate, do not have confused-confused, just ask him whether it is good for you or not? Maybe there is a recommendation of agate that the process of forming interesting and in accordance with your personality? Or want to find agate directly from nature? Can be really!

4. He is also an accomplished mountaineer. At the peak with him, he will make your climbing experience feel romantic.

Riding the mountain is a pleasure for Geological Engineering boy, because in addition to peak, there he will also learn things that smell of earth. He will study the rocks, the river, and so on. Maybe here you can also doongenin about the origin of the mountain you are climbing in his glasses.

If you are going out with a Geological child, maybe going up a mountain is the most romantic place you should try. Do not be afraid of physical problems, because he has been trained physically and mentally. There is not a story of Geological children not walking strong up and down the mountain. Of course with the excess physical strength that he has, if you are not strong again, he will gladly jagain you deh. Quite romantic right? Hehehe.

5. He is a simple person and not adventurous. Everything he always thought about the function and usefulness.

Do not be surprised if you will be dating a geological boy. Style or style of appearance he never separated from outdoor brands. Style he like that just far from the impression of glamor or exaggeration let alone fashionable. Even if the clothing brand that he used the price is expensive because all outdoor brands are durable or durable and comfortable. In addition, every time he goes to the field must always use outdoor equipment.

It's not possible when field courses again down the river wear shoes and brand distro handbags? Obviously not in accordance with its function. So he always looks more outdoor-style because of the need, not because of the hobby of collecting expensive items outdor.

So, when under any circumstances, the gears he uses will always be useful. Just as if you were raining with him again, just put your electronics stuff with him, guaranteed not to get water. Because the bag he already designed waterproof. Sophisticated right? Hehehe.

6. Through the knowledge and insight he has, he will open your eyes about the beauty and greatness of the Creator.The science he learns about nature and all its dynamics will bring him closer to his Lord. Talking with him will make you realize that everything that happens in nature like the mountains, the oceans, rivers or natural disasters that happened all can not be separated from his interference.

So when with him, you can seek God through the knowledge he learns. Who knows you will also increasingly admire His creation through everything that exists in nature.

7. You do not have to worry he will betray you. To him you are a pearl among the rocks he will never waste.

It's common knowledge that the boy who is studying at the Faculty of Engineering is very rare to meet a friend of the opposite sex in his class. There is a force of 200 people, but the number of girls most about 20 people only. Moreover, the majors are very smelly guy aka masculine kayak civil engineering or geology.

So, the students of Geological Engineering when they have found a partner that if indeed in line with their views, guaranteed to be faithful deh! Not going to be left or right oblique deh, because if you want to play oblique, right left all boys, hehehe.

Fortunately they can get a suitable college match, especially if from non technical majors. Cooking time for their girlfriends to be willing to miss it? Believe me, the engineering boy is already the most faithful!

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