7 The Last Ways to Save the Earth from Global Warming. Many Say It’s Too Late,

7 The Last Ways to Save the Earth from Global Warming. Many Say It's Too Late,

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On the feel of it lately not hot really hot, sultry, to make the mood often up and down. I think it's no use anymore deh check this month what or what season. Now it's completely unclear. If it was not the heat it was great, it was the rain of wind that actually made the damage everywhere. Perhaps the term global warming or sounding is very complicated to understand, but I think all are aware that there is something wrong with the climate of this earth. The fact is much more terrible you know. Every year since 2014 has always been the hottest year in the history of human civilization.

According to Futurism, the year 2017 is also again predicted would be the hottest year, beating the last record held by 2016. Haduh the only planet that we can live in this, really melting. Even many scientists who fell pessimistic by saying it is now too late to do anything that can improve the climate damage. Maybe that's why, the search for new residence in outer space is increasingly being intensified.

Unlike the widespread pessimism, there are some experts from the field of geo-engineering who believe there is still a way to save the earth. For the sake of hopes of saving the fate of this earth Hipwee News & Feature summarizes their solutions that may be crazy but worth considering!

1. The principle is the same as the reason we use sunscreen to the skin. To fend off the negative impact of sunlight, the Earth can be coated with Sulfur Sunscreen

The main problem of climate change is the circulation of carbon dioxide that is enclosed in the Earth's atmosphere. One way to reduce carbon pollution is to use sulfur sunscreen. Sulfur Sunscreen is designed by utilizing water vapor to allow sulfur-dioxide gas to react to droplets of sulfuric acid or sulfuric acid to reflect sunlight out of the earth like millions of mirrors. The question is, how do I generate tuh moisture?

2. Although expensive, reflecting sunlight with a mirror in space is very useful

The second way is to make technology a giant mirror to reflect sunlight back. This mirror is placed in the sky so that the temperature of the earth is maintained, but this way it takes a mirror as big as Greenland. Well loh though there are other ways to install a mirror envelop the earth but in addition to many costs also take a long time.

3. His name is Cloud Seeding, sowing clouds and bringing rain to keep the earth's temperature down

Maybe you think how clouds can be engineered, moved around and adjusted their thickness. The idea was used by scientists to create what is called Cloud Seeding. The trick is by channeling the ocean water into the atmosphere using the cloud seed dispenser. This method is relatively cheap but still needs to be studied because the side effects of the use is also a danger to life on Earth although it can control climate change. Floods and droughts can be caused by the use of this method. think twice even though it is simple and cheap but if it is harmful to nature ya same aja lie.

4. One of the simpler ways is to capture carbon dioxide and store it in the lower layers of the earth

This method is called Carbon Capture And Storage (CCS). Maybe this is also one way that is easy to reason and quite simple. Carbon dioxide on Earth can be reduced by capturing it and channeling it to the lower layers of the Earth. How do ya nangkep carbon dioxide ya?5. Fertilisasi laut, cultivate phytoplankton really useful to prevent carbon pollution lho

You must have known that plankton is a great oxygen contributor to life on Earth. Phytoplankton also reduces carbon, so useful scientists believe cultivating plankton is the best way to produce oxygen and reduce carbon. The problem is if the carbon circulation in phytoplankton is not terminated then the benefits will be reduced.

By using iron in the oceans, it accelerates the growth of phytoplankton until it dies. The death of phytoplankton and carbon in their bodies is considered a solution to eliminate carbon circulation. But the risk is creating acidic seawater and can damage the environment.

6. Lifting the deep sea waters with giant pipes, though difficult and dangerous but considered telling the geothermal temperature

To lower the temperature on earth can use technology made from giant pipes along the 200 meters that are placed vertically in the ocean to channel the deep sea water to surface. Unfortunately this way is also dangerous for marine because it can damage marine life.

7. Biochar, make a lot of ash and bury it, useful really but the effect is also danger ya

Biochar is a method adapted from the usual methods used by the Amazon Indians. By cultivating agricultural waste such as bushes, grasses and stems of plants into charcoal and bury it will reduce the carbon circulation. However, this will take many places or even destroy the natural habitat that has been awake before. Imagine how much charcoal to reduce carbon in the world?

8. Engineered the weather let the temperature of the earth stable, which is a bit confusing hell but what's wrong if scientists want to make

Changing the carbon acid with hydrochloric acid is considered to overcome the acceleration of carbon dioxide circulation. The explanation about this way is just a little, it's hard to reason or aja aja confused yaa

Global Warming is a serious matter. Forest fires, hurricanes and other disasters caused by climate change have caused many victims. These are all common responsibilities of mankind.

Those are the 8 ideas of thinkers to save the earth from the devastation of global warming and drastic climate change. Of the many ways that have Hipwee News & Feature present, there is not really that may be contrived and tried? If you do not start from yourself, want to wait until when anyway? The point is global warming and drastic climate change is a sign that the earth is not okay. Man must act immediately!Other Helpful and Entertaining Articles

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