7 The Most Beautiful Sabana on the Island of Java Will Make You Grateful Being Born in Indonesia

7 The Most

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It seems like it will be an incredible experience of adventure where we can split the green grass hordes that are besieging our bodies, occasionally lying idly on the grassland to muffle the sweat.

Of course, this kind of adventure is not just a dream, or just in the movie King Arthur, The Lord of the Ring, or The Hobbit. We can also get adventurous to find a beautiful green paradise in the savanna.

No need to wait to have a chance to travel to Africa or Ireland first if you can not wait to run in the middle of the expanse of the meadow. Here, in our own country, Indonesia Raya, also has a lot of lawn / savanna parks that are not less amazing.

1. Cidaon Grassland, Ujung Kulon National Park.

Cuilan paradise Cidaon prairie is located in Ujung Kulon National Park. Hearing Ujung Kulon's name alone we would have been able to imagine how glad to see the habitat of flora and fauna native to Indonesia that is protected here.

The Cidaon meadows are directly opposite Peucang Island, Ujung Kulon. From Peucang Island, we have to cross by boat for 10 minutes. Here we can meet directly with the original inhabitants of the Cidaon meadows.

While enjoying the beautiful carpet of green grass-like grass, we can see the activities of wild animals that are grazing. And, if you're lucky, you can meet the prima donna here, the bull, the peacock, and the one-horned rhinoceros.

2. Sadengan Grassland, Alas Purwo National Park.

If Ujung Kulon National Park Have Cidade Grassland, Alas Purwo National Park has a grassland of Sadegan! Yup, Sadegan's village is inside Alas Purwo National Park, Banyuwangi.

Sandengan prairie itself includes semi-natural pasture, because the process of formation does not occur naturally, but because of forest destruction to form a vast expanse of grass.

Not only can you see the beautiful meadows that can green your eyes, but you can also meet wild animals, such as deer, wild boar, Java bull, peacock, and leopard.3. Savana Bekol, Baluran National Park, Situbondo.

Almost the same with Ujung Kulon national park and Alas Purwo park. Baluran National Park also has a grassland that is not less amazing. But there is something more special in the appeal of other national parks, that is because Baluran National Park has the largest expanse of savannas in Java Island.

Baluran National Park located in Situbondo is indeed very exotic and magical. And here you can see the scenery is not much different from Africa. That's why Baluran got the nickname as Africa van Java. Here you can not only enjoy the scenery of the savanna, but also can watch the activities of animals in savanna.

Many protected wildlife that you can meet here. Like deer, deer, big buffalo, peacock, langurs, makaka, langurs, hare, eagle, leopard, and also bull. In addition to fauna, you can also see various types of flora that you have never seen before.

4. Jemplang Valley, Mount Bromo.

The grassland that is south of Mount Bromo is one of the famous rummput fields. The pasture is more commonly called the hill of Teletubies, because the scenery is cursoryly similar to the hills in the children's film Teletubies.

To get to this Jemplang Valley, we have to wade the vast sea of ??sand first. Take it easy, now a lot of Jeep cars that you can charter to take you to this Jemplang Valley. After passing the ocean of sand, then we can find the location of this hill Teletubies.

The sight of the green desert combined with the blue of the sky will make your eyes reluctant to blink for a split second. Savana in Mount Bromo National Park is quite easy to reach, therefore you must take the time to come here!

5. Sabana Selo, Mount Merbabu.

Around the Merbabu Mountain National Park, in Central Java there is also a very beautiful savanna. Although the grasslands on Mount Merbabu are not as large as the summit of Mount Prau or other places, but the portrait of the meadow scenery here is equally spectacular.

This green and extraordinary expanse of grass can be your greatest gift when you reach the top of Merbabu Mountain. This pasture is called Sabana Selo. But to get there, you must climb through the climbing route via Selo line, Boyolali.Imagine, how beautiful your life is when you see the beautiful green meadow instantly wage into maturity when the rising sunlight reflects its light onto the grass.

6. Cikasur Prairie, Mount Argopuro, Situbondo.

Well, if you are a true adventurer, this one prairie is mandatory for you to spice up! This Cikasur meadow is famous for its really beautiful panorama. But to achieve it, must be willing to be sick first, because you have to climb the famous mountain Argopuro with the longest climbing track.

The Cikasur meadows are located between Mount Argopuro and Rengganis Peak. The expanse of the Sikasur mud is vast, as if there was no end to the eye as far as the eye could see. There is also a stream of winding rivers that divide the savanna. When the fog has begun to fall, the beauty of savannah cycassure looks a bit gloomy, but still charming.

At the time of the rainy season, grass and reeds will look green and refresh the eyes. And when the dry season comes, the grass and the weeds will turn yellow, and look warm in your eyes.

7. Oro-Oro Ombo, Mount Semeru.

Mount Semeru is not only famous for the peaks of Mahameru and Ranu Kumbolonya, but in Mount Semeru also famous to have a very beautiful savanna, the meadow of Oro-Oro Ombo. Oro-oro Ombo itself means a vast meadow. This vast expanse of grassland grasslands always makes the mountaineers unnerved.

All mountaineers who have climbed Mount Semeru will definitely agree that Panoramic Oro-oro Ombo is the second most beautiful after the peak Mahameru. Grassland Oro-Oro Ombo is indeed very beautiful and romantic.

Once tired of climbing, you can release a little tired with a moment to win yourself here. Sabana in Mount Semeru is indeed worthy to admire, and of course you must always keep it sustain.

That's the 8 most beautiful grasslands / savannas on the island of Java, which must be worth your visit at least once in your life. There in the middle of the gang of grass and weeds will make you unceasingly giving thanks in Indonesia. The 8 savannas are new in Java Island, not from other islands in different parts of the country! Well, which grass will ya be your next trip? : D

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