7 The Most Serious Ghost Stories Throughout 2013

7 The Most Serious Ghost Stories Throughout 2013

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Vemale.com – Ghosts are not just empty houses or old loh lohs! The proof of the white house, the house that witnessed the history of America also has some horror stories are frightening. Reportedly a white building filled with the ghosts of its predecessors.

One of the most beautiful ghosts in the White House is the ghost of Dolly Madison. The wife of the fourth President of the United States, James Madison is a woman who loves flowers. Even during his lifetime, he was very patient and tenacious caring for his flower garden. He himself also builds and selects the flowers that are planted in the white building.

Reportedly, the wife of president James Madison was refused when to move from the white building. He was not willing to leave the rose garden that he woke up and took care of wholeheartedly. Moreover, the rose garden there is famous for its beauty. Until finally hobby gardening and caring for the flower garden inside the white building that he did until he died.

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The emergence of Dolly Madison's ghost itself began when the president's post fell to Woodrow Wilson. His wife, Woodrow Edith Wilson, wanted to remove the rose garden inside the white building. The desire to change the layout of this white building begins by destroying the rose garden belonging to former wife of James Madison president Dolly Madison. Unable to accept the destruction of his garden, this woman's spirit appeared and made all the gardener run afraid.

Various attempts were made to move or change the order of the rose garden, but all failed. Finally Edith Wilson decided to stop the overhaul. He let the park with the initial design of Dolly Madison. Until now, Dolly still keep the plants. Even his ghosts appeared and walked over to see the flower garden built by him.

Wow pretty horrified ladies. Apparently this story also answered the secret why for two centuries nothing changed the order of the rose garden in the white building. The rose there still grows and beautiful to this day.

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