7 The Mountain of Its Beauty Feels Complete If Conquered With Girlfriend

7 The Mountain of Its Beauty Feels Complete If Conquered With Girlfriend

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The mountain is a magical place, where you can feel high and feel small. It is only at the top of the mountain that you can enjoy the feeling of standing on the clouds while contemplating that you are nothing more than a minor point when compared to the vast world in front of you.

Not only that, the mountain also has a romantic side of interest to be explored, especially if you and your boyfriend both like to climb. Along the paths of each mountain trekking, many moments you can share. Well, for you who want to invite your boyfriend to climb, this is the cool mountains for you to explore with him.

1. Invite him to climb the Love Ramp in Semeru so that your love is eternal.

Mount Semeru, the highest mountain in Java Island is indeed challenging to be conquered. But, Semeru climbing path also gives you a panoramic view to enjoy the romantic climb with your partner. You must be no stranger to Ranu Kumbolo, a lake with amazing panorama that makes you do not want to go home.

Well, from Ranu Kumbolo, you must pass the Love Plate to continue the journey. According to myth, if you make it through this climb without turning back, your love will last forever. Try it, get your boyfriend to climb him together without turning around, who knows the myths come true. Once you get to the top, panoramic views of the Oro-oro Ombo lavender fields await you. Let's just say this gift because you've made it through the climb of love without looking back.

2. Enjoy the fun prewedding pictures in the crater Papandayan.

Turning to Garut, there is Mount Papandayan famous for its beauty panorama. Because it has a number of spots with beautiful panorama and quite easy for beginners, do not be surprised if this place is often used as a location photographed the prospective manten alias prewedding. Well, do not be confused dong, want to take a boyfriend to climb to where?

To capture the memories with him, there is Tegal Alun, edelweiss padang the perennial flower. If you want to love him immortally like edelweis, do not deliberately pluck this flower. Then, there is also a dead forest area. Although the name is spooky, the scenery is really cool for taking pictures, with a wooden ornament setting without the foliage is romantic as well as magical.

3. Mislead yourself into the embrace of the wild on Mount Argopuro.

Mount Argopuro is located in Probolinggo, East Java, it has a charm that is rarely owned by other mountains. With an extended long climbing track on Jawakamu Island and your girlfriend can enjoy a long adventure while immersing yourself in the wilds of Argopuro Mountain.

Argopuro has a Living Garden Lake that you can meet when walking along the path of Bremi. This vast lake presents an enchanting view, especially when shrouded in a thin mist. Then, there's a moss forest that will bewitch you with its exotic charm. Meanwhile, when passing the Baderan track, a vast savanna called Padang Cikasur is waiting. Here, you can find a boisterous life in the wild. Encounters with wildlife such as peacocks and deer on a clear climbing route will provide an unforgettable experience.4. Just the colorful Lake Three Colors of Kelimutu Mountain that may change. Your love for her, do not follow-up change.

Something beautiful sometimes you can get effortlessly. It's as easy as getting the love from the sister as sung Sincerely through his song Do not Love Me Whatever may be the right picture about Kelimutu Mountain. You can invite him to enjoy the beauty of three-colored lake in Mount Kelimutu without the need to bother climbing for days.

Lake Kelimutu located in Ende, Flores, NTT, this is indeed wonderful extraordinary. Not only that, he is also magical, because the color can change over time. But do not let your love for her follow-up change like this lake huh!

5. With him, find the meaning of struggle on the sulfur miners in Ijen Crater.

Want to give special gift for him? The prize is not necessarily in the form of goods, really. Give her the most beautiful present she will not forget all her life: discovering the magic in the crater of Mount Ijen. Show him the extraordinary panorama of the blue flame phenomenon in Ijen crater. Certainly able to make her forget the cold of the night. The miracle would be perfect when the blue flame disappeared, changing the dawn that peered from behind the mountain.

When the morning begins high, invite him to mingle with the traditional sulfur miners who fought a life bet for the wife's son. The story will awaken you, that every struggle, no matter how small the shape, it is very meaningful. In closing, love him a souvenir surprise of sulfur, carving the miners.

Rowing the two boats on Lake Seven Mountain will be an unforgettable experience.

Mount Kerinci is the main magnet for climbers when visiting Kerinci Seblat National Park. Many climbers who come all the way to Jambi to conquer the highest peak in Sumatra. But, the journey to conquer Mount Kerinci is only complete when you stop at Mount Seven which is behind this Mount Kerinci.

Mount Tujuh offers a panoramic view of the lake above the perfect height to spend time alone. It takes at least three hours to reach this place from the entrance of Mount Seven. But, your sweat is as red as it paid off. With a canoe borrowed from local fishermen, you can invite him to enjoy the beauty of the lake romantic.

7. Upon conquering Mount Rinjani, make sure you invite him to look at the orange tinge when dusk arrives at Segara Anak.

Rinjani, Indonesia's second highest volcano is deserved to be conquered with loved ones. Imagine how the feeling of emotion filled the chest when you both managed to set foot to Rinjani Peak. Although through the Hill of Remorse, there is no regret at all. All that remains is gratitude when you see the peak of Mount Agung from a distance.Down to Segara Anak Lake, you can feel the pleasure of soaking a tired body in hot springs. Be careful, if careless, the mountain monkeys can steal your clothes like Jaka Tarub who hide the angel shawl. Can not go back to you later! When dusk comes, orange tinge lights up the cliffs around the lake, making you reluctant to go home.

Mountain climbing experience is one of the best gifts you can give for it. Not kayak goods that can be damaged or lost, the memories you share with him will not be eroded by the times. Yes already, hunt your boyfriend conquer the mountains above!

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